Who Am I?

Now that I have reached what could be a Cul de Sac at the end of life's journey, I take a glance over my shoulder at the road I have travelled, the wrong turnings I've made along the way, the regrets, and the highlights of my life. Biggest regret is never meeting my soul mate to accompany me during my travels, its mostly been a sole journey, accompanied by my three children along part of the way. 
I'm grateful that fate allowed me the privilege of being parent to my Down's Syndrome daughter who is now demonstrating just why she was sent to me by helping me through my fight against the enemy within, my cancer. I've been blessed with three wonderful grandchildren who unfortunately I don't see enough of. 
For myself as a person, I regret not being easy going in nature, having no patience, a lousy memory, and not being tolerant enough of others. 
I've been glad of my wicked sense of humour, my ability to converse with just about everyone whether I know them or not, my outgoing personality acquired as I have aged, and I do try to help others as much as I possibly can. 
I blog mainly to get things off my chest and hopefully to tell a good tale that is of interest to others. That's all.