Tuesday, 27 April 2010

On the Blossom Trail.

After K left this morning at 8.00am on her way to the Manchester TV studio’s to take part in the audience for Countdown (is there no stopping that girl in her quest to be famous?) with the Day Care staff, I decided that the weather was far too nice to waste indoors doing Tai Chi, so I set off early on a meandering ‘Blossom Trail’ down to town. I had to go down anyway (orders and shopping list from the boss) so why not take advantage of the glorious spring sunshine to capture one of my favourite sights at this time of year, namely all the tree blossom?

Armed only with my trusty camera, shopping bag, K’s list (daren’t forget that!) I bravely set off to capture it all.

The White is at it's best right now. As you can see, the white tree blossom is at it’s best right now on the Estate.

My personal favourite the deep pink isn’t out yet, though it’s nearly blooming. However, when I arrived at the Library grounds i was surprised to see their deep pink was practically out as you can see from this photo.

Deep pink blossom in the Library groundsHmm. Wonder why ours on the estate are always so late to bloom? Perhaps because they are more sheltered from the sun by the houses?

Library Roundabout stitchThe flower arrangements in the Library grounds were looking particularly attractive so I took a panoramic shot of those. All around town the Council gardeners were out in full force, busy leaning on their spades (as usual) discussing with each other which plants to dig up or plant I suppose. We are lucky to say its such a small town to have some wonderful flower arrangements dotted up and down the town, and lot’s of very attractive flower boxes as well, but I didn’t take any photos of those as I was concentrating on the blossom trees for this shoot. (well, it sounds professional!)


The lighter pinks which blossomed first are now beginning to die off unfortunately but they will be soon replaced by my favourites the gorgeous deep pink blossom that I always call cherry blossom. Hope you enjoy my photo shoot which I am including in this blog post as a Photo Album as well. Hope that you had a lovely enjoyable sunny spring day as well.


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