Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shopping Shoot.

 As  usual we did a shopping trip this morning. It was beautiful and sunny outside when we set off. My favourite blossom, the deep pink is now beginning to show itself on the tree outside and it should soon be at it’s best. We spotted one of the neighbourhood cat’s trying to stalk a magpie.

Black Cat Stalking a Magpie It didn’t succeed of course, the magpie being fully aware it was there and ready to fly off at any moment.

Lilac tree in blossoming Further down near the park, I spotted another lovely sight, a lilac tree coming into bloom. I love lilac, though for some strange reason my Mum used to go mad if I brought any into the house, she seemed to think it was bad luck or something. (can’t remember the exact details.) I love both the lilac colour and the white as well. They always smell so gorgeous.

The park flower beds are now looking absolutely superb and K and I took a moment to take it all in before sauntering down the steps and into the shade of the trees further on.

The Park Flowerbeds in SpringThere were already some families with their children playing on the playground equipment, and all the pink blossom is now at its best, displaying a fantastic lined route down to the play area from the  park entrance. It really does look superb. I took a picture of the playground from under the shade of the trees as I was shooting straight into the sun otherwise. I also took some more blossom ‘close ups’ to capture their beauty.

K did her usual ‘garden gnome sitting on a tree trunk’ pose that she has done previously though it took some effort to help her up there. I should really have chosen a lower one. We didn’t have a fishing rod to hand for a prop unfortunately. She loves posing for me in my photos.

Enjoy my photo album won’t you?




  1. Hi there TG,
    just having trouble posting this comment...the verification keeps trying to hide away.
    Loved the photo album, and also lovely to 'see' you on Blogger. Just trying it out myself the past month. Slightly different but somewhere to 'air' our wares...

  2. Thanks Lady Penelope. Think I'll wait and see where you all end up first before deciding where I hang my hat. Might be here, might be Wordpress.


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