Sunday, 11 July 2010

A change of plan.

As usual seeing as its Tuesday, I was given my orders to go down shopping this morning. So as soon as the boss had left for day care, I grabbed my bag, checked that the bosses shopping list was in there (daren’t forget that!)  grabbed my camera (in case there were any must have photo opportunities occur on my travels) and set off out the door. I said my usual ‘Locking the Door’ as I turned the key in the lock. ( this strategy to help me remember that I HAVE locked the door and save me the embarrassing and annoying return to check from half way down to town.)

Squirrels Delight

First photo opportunity came when I spied that Hamish’s owners had erected two bird houses in their garden with nuts and seed containers dangling enticingly from them. One was placed conveniently right next to the fence. I smiled to myself as I  took the shot. The only creatures getting their mitts on those goodies would be the resident squirrels! And come to think of it, where was Hamish? Usually he was dashing about the garden barking his little head off as soon as your feet hit the path!  Hmm, they must have taken him out I thought.  Sauntering further, I spotted that the fruits were already sprouting on some of the crab apple trees that line this particular area of the estate.


Moving on I spied a bush at the corner absolutely full of buzzing busy bees. I tried to take a shot hoping to capture them when the camera lens suddenly retracted back in and informed me the battery was flat. Damn! Typical! Hadn’t checked it before coming out. Then I suddenly realised that I hadn’t taken my tablets either! Hmm. Fate. Karma. Signs. Omens. Call it what you will, but when one or more instances of this nature occur to this Granny, I tend to arrive at the conclusion that someone somewhere is trying to tell me something. On this occasion, don’t go down shopping this morning! So I turned around, retraced my steps, re-entered the flat, took my tablets, put the camera battery on charge and busied myself with other household tasks.

A street car named desire?

Which brings me to the most annoying thing about this new camera. Unlike my previous Samsungs, you can’t charge the battery simply by connecting it to the mains. You have to remove the battery from the camera.  Nor will it charge via the USB connection on the PC as my previous Samsung’s have done. Bah! There’s always something isn’t there? Nice 4x optical zoom, much better picture quality than my previous camera, but I can’t leave it connected to the PC and let it charge! I decided to risk her wrath and sulky looks and wait until K returned home. We would do the shopping together which we did. Took another two shots  of the bush with the bees buzzing around it but when I’ve looked at the photos you can’t see the bees at all! 

Pork Pies for sale

It did begin to spit with rain as we emerged from Sainsbury’s which is K’s choice of venue for our Tuesday shop. On our return I set to and made us both a Chocolate Temptation dessert, but it ended up looking like a more like a Chocolate Meltation in reality, as by the time we arrived home the ice cream was beginning to soften. Otherwise I would have taken a photo. Maybe next time. Trouble is, they contain so many calories, I won’t dare eat anything else now for the next few days. I’d better run round the estate a few times as well for the next few mornings in order to work it all off.

Muckboots and fishing rods

In order to move swiftly from the subject of calories,chocolate and exercise, I have also decided to create a new photo portfolio consisting of my all time favourite photos. It has meant beginning yet another blog ( to add to the thousands I already seem to own up and down the place) in order to show them all but I like how it has turned out. I have chosen to use  the new theme Modularity Lite simply because it makes even the most obnoxious, dire and crap photo look good, so it suits my style of photography to a tee. I’ve called it Technogransnaps. Click on the Photo Stuff up above if you want to take a look. Still trying out the different styles of showing your photos off that this particular theme and Wordpress let’s you do. Let me know what you two readers think won’t you?

TG   Camera 

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