Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ironing Bored!



I don’t mind housework. That is apart from one job.  Ironing.  If there is any other task that exists more boring, mundane or downright demoralising, then I have yet to find it.  When I’m hoovering, dusting, hanging the washing out, making the beds, shopping, etc, I am moving around and  at least taking in some kind of change of scenery. Ironing, you just stand there. On the same spot. Ironing.

My ex husband (who never ever picked up the iron whilst married to me) irons watching the TV.  Mind you, he does most things whilst watching  the TV.  I suppose I could ‘lighten the load’ by doing the same.  Well, I can’t read a book whilst ironing can I?  How would I turn the pages over unless someone invented an ‘Ironing Book Holder?’ 

Who invented ironing anyway?  Let me get my mitts on him! (yes, it most certainly will be of the male persuasion, I can guarantee.) Why can’t we all just wear creased clothes?  Start a new fashion trend!  The new creased  look!  Ironing has even figured in paintings, all showing some poor female hard at it.  Well apart from the female on the left  in this particular painting. She has the right idea!  She  obviously has  exactly the same feelings towards ironing as I do.  Hey that’s an idea!  Maybe I should copy her and get plastered whilst ironing!  That might take the boredom out if it!

women_ironingMind you, I suppose I should look on the bright side. At least I wasn’t having to iron in the early 1900’s when you had to warm the iron over the fire  and then spit on it to test if it was hot enough. It used to weigh a ton!  When all the washing was hung above your head on a long  wooden clothes hanger that had to be lowered down by pulley.  Our mothers never seemed to have time to spit (apart from on the iron that is)  from morning till night.

But it’s just such a monotonous job!  Hmm. Maybe I can spice it up a bit!  Make it more interesting! Remove that brain dead essence that is ‘iron item, fold, pick up next item, iron, fold’ sigh. Here are a few of my latest ideas for making my most hated task more bearable.





I could get an new ironing board cover with some built in spice! This should help take those creases out quickly! (or not!)



 Or if I’m really bored how about doing my ironing in these locations for a change of scenery and to help take my mind off just how dreary a job it is?

 However, I think that I will have to draw the line at the last idea. I am just a little bit too long in the tooth for it I think you’ll agree!

Pole Dancer Ironing


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  1. I know we have an iron....somewhere, but have no idea where it's hidden or how to operate it. With the exception of a couple of seldom worn dress shirts and a pair or two of chinos my entire wardrobe is permanent press and the same is true for the girls.

  2. I dont mind using the iron at all. I have so muc housework today and yet here I am visiting again. I was a small girl and would sneak into my moms landry room and use her iron. She never caught me and how I loved it. She was scared I would burn myself.
    I love being a homemaker. Its hard now tht I have no children at home .Things have changed but life always does. Im still a justing.
    Have a nice day. Keep smiling


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