Saturday, 3 July 2010

My Visit to Scotland. At the side of Loch Lomond.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         On the Monday, it was decided that we would pay a visit to one of Cl’s favourite spots at the side of Loch Lomond at Rowardennen, where we would also be able to see a clear view of Ben Lomond that the whole family had climbed last year for charity.  Again, it was a fair drive to get there, amongst some absolutely stunning scenery.  During the drive I noticed a wonderful holiday home site consisting of wooden lodges nestled in the woods at the side of Loch Lomond where I would love to stay one day for a holiday.  It looked so peaceful and tranquil.

On arrival at the place that Cl wanted me to see we were disappointed to find that the jetty was cordoned off as it was currently being repaired so we couldn’t go onto it. Had we been able to do so, we would have had an even better view of the surrounding Loch and vistas that met our gaze. It truly was a magnificent sight  and needed lots of my usual Panoramic shooting with my camera in order to get the whole vista in.  Ben Lomond is on the right hand side of this panoramic shot, and looks to be quite a climb.  I will have to get some good walking shoes by the looks of things, and also get my fitness and stamina levels raised a tad!

Loch Lomond second stitch

Seeing as we couldn’t get onto the pier itself, we decided to sit a while on the rocks at the side of the Loch. However, we were soon having to abandon that idea as we began to be plagued by midges which for some strange reason act entirely differently in Scotland to the ones in Yorkshire, tending to take bites out of you resulting in some nasty looking, itchy red marks.  My son is particularly prone to getting bitten by them, last year they didn’t particularly bother me, but they are a nuisance so we reluctantly had to move away.

Stonefield Carvery Pub on Dunbarton Road

We returned to where Cr had parked the car and reluctantly began the journey back home.  For our lunch we again dined at the Stonefield where on this occasion I succumbed to temptation and indulged in a Chocolate Temptation for my dessert. This time because it was so warm and sunny, we ate our lunch sat outside. 

I adore  this place! Its absolutely perfect in every way. I just wish it was portable. Situated as it is on the busy Dumbarton Road and staffed by very attentive people who are friendly and courteous, serving ‘all you can eat’ carvery for under a fiver during the week with some excellent and refreshing drinks to boot, it really is an absolute  paradise and if ever any of you are in Dunbartonshire visiting the area, then do try it out won’t you?

If I could pick it up and place it near home we would probably be in there every day!

After taking Cl’s mum back home, we returned to their house and spent the rest of the day sitting out in the back garden sunbathing. I didn’t seem to be out there all that long, but its a virtual suntrap and unfortunately I did get burned. My face, arms and legs ended up the shade of ripe tomatoes!  At my age I should know better, but I honestly didn’t realise just how strong the sun was, there was quite a breeze which tended to fool you as well. I had to apply a liberal amount of after sun and moisturizer to all my burned parts. I resembled a lobster!

Enjoy the photo album of our day won’t you?


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