Friday, 20 August 2010

Fed up Friday.

This morning I have been forced to listen for the hundredth time (and watch via YouTube) the opening song to Mr Ed.  sigh. So as its Friday and  I don’t see why I should end the working week (for those who work) suffering alone, here is the offending video. (I’m beginning to regret these horse riding lessons!) She says that she can remember watching Mr Ed on the television as a young girl.  Next she’s be pestering me to send off for a CD of Mr Ed songs. Either that, or a DVD of his old programs.  I bet anything that she is expecting the horses at the riding school to talk back to her.

It’s slowly driving me insane! Mr bloomin’ Ed!

Also getting nattered about making another trip to Huddersfield to sell her old camera in Cash Converters. Excuse given is she needs some money for…..yes, you’ve guessed it, her horse riding lessons.  At least I should be thankful I suppose that its not for horse talking lessons.

Weather outside is blustery. Which brings me to the subject of wind. We have had lots of it this summer around this area, in fact its really never stopped. Well, apart from that week I went up to Scotland in June. Don’t remember any wind blowing up there. It’s been blowing all through July and now August so far. I blame the wind for out lack of summer sunshine. We can’t see the sun because of the scurrying clouds being blown across the sky by the wind. Strangely enough, no one else seems to have noticed that its been constantly windy all summer and that it’s never stopped. I seem to be the only person. It certainly hasn’t entered the usual conversations about our lousy summer. Well not unless I have mentioned it.

3View wagon with deliveries

I shall no doubt cheer up next week when my shiny new PVR finally arrives! Yes readers, someone spotted a delivery lorry making its way to London with them and published a photo. I’ll be far too busy then to notice either the wind outside or Mr blasted Ed.

TG Confused smile


  1. Oh I have Mr Ed's song in my mind and I wasn't even foolish enough to listen to it on your blog! An ear worm!

  2. You have my sympathy then. Trouble is, every time she hears it she does this silly dance to it, so I have to contend with not only the song, but her dancing around the flat like some kind of demented pixie whilst trying to sing to it as well.

  3. Now I've got that song stuck in my head! As if the voices weren't bad enough!

  4. Well Rocket Man think of me with some sympathy then! I've had this since she began horse riding and that was four or five weeks ago!
    Why has she to have such a good long term memory! If only she had forgotten that she used to watch the program when she was younger! Sorry I have had to inflict you with it as well.....


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