Monday, 23 August 2010

Manic Monday.

Not just one photo to describe today but a few! Aren’t you all lucky?


Crisp crumbs from under a certain someone’s bed.


These were used today.


Guess who’s due to call!


Bags and buckets.



  1. My day is just starting and it going to be something like yours.
    Loved this one.
    Made me smile

  2. Well don't do too much Lisa with that poorly leg.

  3. The crumbs picture kind of reminds me of our whole house. But with kids it's almost impossible to keep things clean.

    I hope you have a nice week TG.

  4. oh gosh, that SO reminded me of my three sons rooms while they were still here. Made me smile and am I ever glad I don't have to clean that any more.

  5. Oh...Admiral Hestorb is my kitty cat. Sorry. Forgot to change blogs.
    This is Ramblingon.

  6. Gerry, the crumbs culprit is hardly a kid at 31 years of age. Can't figure out how they end up under her bed though.
    So Ramblingon you have two persona's on here have you? (bit like me with my dippy blog and my techy one! LOL

  7. The crumbs remind me of my wife's description of THE HOVEL only on a less massive scale. I wouldn't know....I'm still afraid to open the door.

  8. I suppose I shouldn't really grumble too much as this is nothing compared to when her brothers lived at home. You could never see the carpet for clothes, dirty socks,magazines,fluff, discarded undies, you get the picture. I never dare go in their bedrooms in case I was attacked by some infestation or other. Anyway, I was always banned.

  9. TG, these are the things archaeologists will dig up in 10,000 years. The black object in the second photo will be described as a "religious icon of some sort."

  10. Yes in all probability no doubt! Wonder what they will make of the slop bucket for food refuse recycling then?


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