Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Quest for some bath mats.

Only title I could come up with and highly deceptive seeing as we haven’t got a bath. Remember last week folks when I was bored and fed up with nothing to do and moaning and groaning all week about it? All that is now over, I’m now back to being dragged out of doors on any pretext, come rain or come shine, whether ill or well.

Despite the black looking clouds and the fact that from dawn this morning until ten or thereabouts it had poured down none stop, I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my summer sandals for my enforced outing today.

Risky shoe choice

(Idea blatantly stolen from Daddy Papersurfer with apologies)

Not only that, I risked the wrath of the weather even further by sticking diligently to my summer raincoat, which to be honest is fairly useless in the event of a downpour. ( must be feeling in a devil may care mood today) K on the other hand, being the more sensible of the two of us, donned her winter raincoat and sturdy trainers. The usual double decker arrived around the corner, and because I was taking a shot of it with my camera instead of looking as if I wanted to board (i.e frantically waving my arms about like a deranged windmill) it very nearly went straight past us.  You see, on our route, its not sufficient to be stood at a bus stop. Because the buses that circumvent our Estate go both to Halifax and Bradford, all drivers take it for granted that you are waiting for the other one. I also very nearly said ‘flew past us’ but the thought of trying to stretch the idea of these buses running on our route actually ‘flying past’ anything would require a great deal of imagination on my readers part.

Here comes the usual arcane DD

As the weather is now beginning to take on a distinctly cooler air, the bus heaters were all turned off. But K and I are of course seasoned bus travellers! We headed straight for the back seat where lot’s of gorgeous heat was being generated from the buses' engine. You can’t fool us Metro! No sooner had the bus arrived at the bus station in our little town than it began to rain.  I kept faith hoping that by the time we reached Halifax it would have all blown over. Luckily I was right and by the time we made our way down to Argos, it had stopped. Bought a new bath mat set and a towel bale to match in soft blue. (that blasted bathroom is beginning to take over my life.)

Dog's and Cat's

Hmm. the expression on the cat’s face looks vaguely familiar!

K needed some bits and pieces from Tesco’s Metro in town then we made our way down to Burger King. I ordered hers and then decided that this time I would only have the 7 chicken bites meal. There’s always too much for me in the 14 pieces one.  I was so glad I did!  I ended up with a cute dog and cat to bring home with me! The dog has a wagging head, but I can’t quite fathom out what the cat is supposed to do. It has a wheel on its back that turns around. That’s it. If its supposed to make a sound of some sort such as a meow then mine is broken. I am currently debating whether or not to take it back and ask for a new one.  Do you think I should?



  1. I wear flip flops nearly all the time at the moment...except not when Im at work. They would never allow that.

  2. Ah...a woman after my own heart...daring and intrepid!

  3. Now that I finally noticed "read more" I did! Love the post. As I said last comment, I have been unprepared for the weather on occasion but out of stubbornness on MY part in the manner in which I robed myself! ;-)

    Burget King..LOVE the charbroiled Whopper. Just can't have them often..calories.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes Ramblingon, I shouldn't really have my usual chicken nuggets but put the blame solely on her who must be obeyed who drags me in there kicking and screaming ;)


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