Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wired Wednesday.

Just about sums up the last two days for me.


Wiring woes.




  1. I am laughing as I look at this. My wires are every bit as bad.

  2. I swear they are alive! Not long since I tidied them all into neat lines.

  3. I thought the carpet behind my desk was blue. How'd you get a picture of it? Oh wait.....there's no dog toy or long lost flip flop in the shot so that's not my mess:-)

  4. No Rocket Man, its the mess behind my tv! There are live things back there!

  5. This'll get you wired: Are you aware that Blogger posts created with Windows Live Writer are triggering "Site is unsafe" warnings when the images are clicked? I am getting this on a computer protected by Norton, but not AVG. What AV are you using? Are you getting this message? I have posted the issue at the Picassa forum. Contact me via my blogs contact form.

  6. If you mean what security or anti virus program, I use Microsoft Security Essentials. Its all you need with Windows 7 or Vista or even XP. I don't like Norton or the other one, they are unnecessary bloat.
    If I buy a computer with either of those two already installed, the first thing I do is uninstall them, and I can honestly say I have never EVER had a virus or suffered from malware . Before then I used to use Windows Live One Care.


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