Saturday, 18 September 2010

September spending spree.

Yet again I have been dragged off kicking and screaming this morning  on yet another spending spree by you know who. Using the following excuses that

a) Staff at day care were complaining that her old swimming costume was in danger of displaying  her ample bosoms for all and sundry to see PLUS  didn’t I need a new swimming costume for our break away next week AND for when we finally christen our super duper new swimming pool due to open in October?

b) I had ruined one of my favourite Marks and Spencer's t-shirts recently when I had accidentally spilled some bleach on it, so I simply MUST replace it. (note here dear readers, no mention of her getting any t-shirts during this persuasion, though she ended up with two to my one.)

c) We both need to stock up on socks and sloggies in readiness for next week and our break away, it might be cold, we need new sloggies just in case we are involved in an accident, etc etc, and have to be carted off to hospital.

Honestly! The arguments and excuses this girl dreams up to go on yet another spending spree astonishes me! How does she think it all up? So following our visit to the practice nurse for some blood letting by K, (referred to by the latter as Dracula’s assistant.) we caught the bus to Halifax. It was a lovely day, clear blue skies overhead and although it is beginning to feel cooler, we braved it in just out thin summer raincoats and short sleeved t-shirts. This time I took my camera with me, mainly because I intended to take a photo of the felled tree as promised in my last post.

Just a stump

Just a lonely stump

Sunlight shining through the leaves

Sunshine through the leaves.

Shops and shadows

Halifax Woolshops.

In Silhouette against the sky

The Lone Spire. Halifax

I was glad I did, because I ended up taking some photos in the September sunshine of some of my favourite sights in the town. The lone spire which has been left intact despite the fact that the remainder of the church to which it belonged is now no more and just a heap of ruins. Trouble is, you can’t get into the grounds to take a clear shot of it all as its all been fenced off.

Halifax Parish Church

Halifax Parish Church.

The other church which we pass on our way down to Matalan (socks and sloggies) is also a very attractive sight I feel. You can’t see it on my shots but it has some lovely little doors, each one different to the other, running along the side of the building, and if I have time next time we go down there, I’ll go into the grounds and take a picture of each one.

Following our spending spree, we made our way back to Burger King for a very early lunch and then a walk back up to the bus station for our bus ride home.



  1. Love the photos, TG! I always enjoy exploring your part of the worlds with you. As far as having clean undergarments in case of an accident I never understood that one. If I'm hurt badly enough to end up in the ER chances are my skivvies will no longer be clean!

  2. K clings on to any excuse for a spend that she can possibly come up with. For example, when her younger brother was so ill at Xmas, they had to cut his favourite t-shirt up to get it off him as they had sedated him heavily. She is now convinced that if she was suddenly to find herself comatose and rushed into hospital for whatever reason, they would need to cut off her underwear, hence the new undergarments. (just in case)

  3. The photos are Beautiful. I love the church. .That looks like a wonderful place .
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  4. Thank you Lisa. Yes it does and has a very inviting look about it. It's called John the Baptist church.


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