Saturday, 11 September 2010

Wet and Windy

Ventured out yesterday (though I nearly forgot I’d made the appointment! Good job K has a fairly good memory) to take K down to the doc’s for her check up.  It was wet and windy. I took some shots as we ventured down to town which I am showing here in a Live Writer Photo Album.

I was horrified to see that they are already accepting appointments for the flu jab! Cripes! It only seems like last month that we had our last flu jab done!

Time just flies by lately, when your young and foolish and wishing you were grown up it drags, when your getting on in years and wishing you could be young again it flies!

Thereby proving (to me at any rate) that time really is relative.

TG   Surprised smile

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  1. You know TG it might be wet n' windy but there's something about the photos that still make it beautiful there. You're lucky to live where you do.

  2. Thank you Calvin! I do love living here, I have never wanted to live anywhere else to be honest with you.


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