Friday, 29 October 2010

I didn’t blog about……………..

I have resisted blogging this week because I didn’t feel that any noteworthy incidents occurred. So here is a recap of this week and anything I didn’t bother blogging about.


Frosty GrassI didn’t bother blogging about K gingerly setting off to Day Care, clinging on for dear life to her support worker as she ventured down the path. We had experienced a hard frost during the night, and when its frosty she has one philosophy only and its this.  ‘If I go down, you go down with me.’ This rule applies to anyone who has the misfortune to be accompanying her at the time.



ironing boardNor did I bother blogging about my boring day spent doing housework and the ironing. I considered all of  my readers would end up board. Who the heck wants to read about someone else doing the housework which in my view is one of the most boring jobs ever invented by mortal man. (we females would have invented a housework robot by now to do all of it. In fact, now that we females are entering into technology etc, why haven’t we already done so? )


You will have no doubt how boring this day turned out to be  because I can’t remember what I did, and its only Friday!  So either it was something exceptionally boring or my brain was running in auto pilot all day therefore I didn’t retain any memories of it.  Probably both. I do remember I cooked something for our tea which involved a chicken, some roast potatoes, broccoli and carrots.


Exercise bikeI also resisted the temptation to write a blog about exercise class.  As a matter of fact, this weekly event is fast becoming the highlight of our very boring and mundane lives. We gladly noted on our way home that  the nasty ‘buzzing’ that was emulating from our new Bus station has now stopped thank goodness! ( something else I really should have blogged about a few weeks back when it first began because none of you will have a clue about the bus station buzzing, so just ignore this bit of boringness and move smartly on to Friday)

Brighouse_Bus_Station_2009All bus passengers using the bus station had begun to feel  as if they were being slowly tortured into submission by some unseen person, determined to render us all gaga and insane or maybe even brain dead.  Not that some of us aren’t already in that state without resorting to ‘brain numbing’ constant buzzes as we wait patiently to board our  buses.  K and I had actually been discussing wearing ear plugs or ear muffs to try and drown out the constant droning. We could have carried them on our person and simply slipped them on when entering the bus station, but it seems that at last someone from Metro has eventually rectified the problem.


Depending on the weather today, I might take the camera and venture forth on a photo shoot before all of the leaves on the trees finally part company and fall to the floor. There are a few gorgeous colours here and there to be snapped. Alternatively I might simply follow this weeks trend and spend a boring day at home so don’t expect a blog post about it.

TG Disappointed smile


  1. Not boring, T.G.....just living:>)

  2. Yes I suppose that my every day life is just as mundane and boring as everyone else's. Thanks Penny for the comment.

  3. Hi TG, I looked at this post on both of your blogs. But on your WordPress one I see a big Google ad underneath. It seems like WordPress is putting in more ads lately as I've seen some on other sites too. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. That's strange because I don't see any ads at all on my blog page!
    Can you take a shot of it Gerry and send it to me? It would be funny if it was a Google ad when Google own Blogger...

  5. Doesn't sound boring to me. And you don't write about it in a boring way.

  6. Thank you Fran! Compliments are always welcome! A new but just as boring post is on its way soon....


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