Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I’m under the Weather and under the thumb!



Whiling away the time all day yesterday waiting for a parcel to be delivered, by the time that K arrived home from Day Care the courier had still not arrived.  I announced to K that we would have to forgo our usual trip to Sainsbury’s for our Tuesday food supply stock up.  She wasn’t going to be deterred  so easily however.

“Why can’t you go down on your own, and I’ll sign for the parcel?”  I have to add at this point in the tale that I am not well. Sore throat. Feeling lousy. Doesn’t matter though, food stocks must be replenished despite the fact that we have plenty to eat in the freezer and kitchen cupboards. I vainly attempted to stand firm citing my ill health.


At 4.30 pm precisely the door bell rang. It was the courier delivering our parcel.  No sooner had I put pen to couriers sheet and signed it, than I was unceremoniously bundled out the door, purse in hand and shopping bag  slung across my shoulders before I could catch my breath. It’s amazing how she can shift herself (and me) when its in aid of  a ‘K’s favourite subject’ cause, i.e food.  Dashing down to town, spluttering and coughing as I went, I vowed not to forget this unfeeling and unkind treatment.

1720 By the time we had whizzed around Sainsbury’s and made our way to the bus station, I felt like death. Luckily for once, as if some kind guardian angel knew how lousy I was feeling, we hadn’t just missed a bus as usually occurs, and we only had a few minutes to wait.  As soon as we landed back home I donned my jamas, drank some Beecham’s and hot lemon, and spent the rest of the evening catching my breath and recovering. Who says my daughter can’t move fast when she wants to? She can when its for a good cause!




  1. Hope you feel better soon, T.G. We have all had a horrid cold here, that seems to linger forever.

  2. Thanks Penny, I'm trying to give myself some mollycoddling seeing as no one else seems interested in doing it....mine hasn't come out as a cold yet, I blame this weather we're having at the moment, one minute its hot, next its cold.

  3. Hi TG, sorry to hear your sick. Hope it goes away soon. Both my kids and my wife recently got over something like that which seemed to hang on for a while. Somehow I managed to avoid getting it. I hope I can also avoid all the other stuff that goes around this winter. We'll see.

  4. Thanks Gerry for the good wishes. It's that time of year for coughs and colds I think.

  5. Getting a parcel through the post is great. Even as you get older it’s still fun. You picture of Sainsbury’s has reminded me to write a post about bad architecture in my local area.

  6. Yes it is, if it arrives as promised of course. Glad I was able to act as an aide memoir. Actually that photo is not of our local Sainsbury's ours in much nicer and blends in well with the surrounding buildings. They were forced to do so by the planners. No such rules were applied for the Garage looking monstrosity that is our Tesco's though. Worse luck

  7. The lurgy has been running rampant in or house for the past couple of days. I keep telling Frankie not to bring the latest bugs home from work but she persists. Ah, well; I'm still breathing and above ground so what do I have to complain about.

    Feel better soon, TG. A whole new batch of ex- Spacer/newbie LiveWriter/Wordpress/Blogger users need your brains. They seem to think I know all the answers when, in reality, I just know what I've learned from you and the hard way, of course.

  8. Rocket Man, I am currently doing loads of how-to's especially aimed at ex Spacers who are bewildered and confused on Wordpress at If you lot who have chosen Blogger instead for your new home need some how-to's I would be willing to do some for you, but its gonna take time I'm afraid. I had to choose to do them for Wordpress first and foremost because that is the chosen platform.

    Let me know how you all feel about this all you ex Spacers on here.


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