Sunday, 10 October 2010

Jabbing Time.


On Friday, we went down to the doctors for our annual combined flu and swine flu jab.  In hindsight, maybe I should have mentioned to the nurse who administered my jab that I was feeling ‘under the weather’ with a sore throat.  As usual I kept Mum.  K had hers done first.  She always gets in a bit of a state over it and then afterwards always says “Oh that was nothing!”  Every year.  The nurses always find her hilarious.  Later that day, I began to feel ‘off’.  One minute I felt cold, the next minute hot.

I also began to experience some of my ‘funny turns’ that I sometimes get. I can’t explain them I’m afraid or how it feels to anyone, not even my doctor, it just ‘comes over me’ and I have been experiencing them since I had my heart attack, so whether its something to do with that, or the tablets I have to take since I don’t know. All I know is its a most unpleasant feeling and I hate it.  I had only just been saying to K how I had not been experiencing any of my ‘funny turns’ of late.  Well, all my readers are well aware that as soon as I utter a statement such as that, you can guarantee I then put the ‘muckers’ on it!  When will I learn to keep my big mouth shut and say nothing?


So yesterday (Saturday) I was nursed by nurse K, who administered her usual tender loving care, making me ample amount of drinks and pampering me. When she takes over the role of Nurse, she comes and takes your pulse (well pretends to) examines your eyes, mouth etc, and then gives her diagnosis.  According to her I had a throat infection, and I should keep warm and have lot’s of fluids.  If she owned lot’s of outfits for all the different roles she falls so easily into, she would no doubt don the appropriate one every time to help to get into ‘character.’  A born actress my daughter.

It’s shopping day today, and the caring ‘nurse’ will be no more. A different persona will emerge from the bedroom opposite mine  and this one will be demanding that we march down to Tesco’s to do our weekly big shop whether I am feeling at deaths door or not.  (Different role takes over on a Sunday morning, the role of hungry mouth to feed! She would in all probability don  a Shark outfit for this one if she owned one!)  Luckily for me, I am feeling much better thanks to the excellent nursing care I received yesterday.

TG  Smile


  1. Good job you had nurse K to administer to your needs, T.G. Good luck with the shopping.

  2. HI TG, Hope your Off feeling disappears without a trace.. Got a feeling of 'germs flying' about my nose and mouth at the moment...(a bit like Dirty McSquirty from the Perishers!!)...but fingers crossed we're both immune..Take care and I'll drop by soon with some TLC (not TCP....Yukk!!)...xPenx

  3. Im glad you are feeling better, and that you had such a wonderful nurse too look after you
    Take care

  4. Thanks all three of you for your comments, couldn't reply earlier as I had problems with my computer. Now sorted.
    I am feeling much better now, thanks to my lovely daughters nursing care yesterday.

  5. I have gotten my shot as well. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Thanks maillady I am now back to normal (whatever that is!) Was yours the 'dual' flu and swine flu as well? Just wondering if that's why I felt so grotty.

  7. We fought a local bug most of the week, me successfully and Frankie less so. Tomorrow is our scheduled day to get stabbed with the giant anti-virus needle. I'll be sure to advise the nurse of two things: 1) Frankie is still afflicted with the lurgy; 2) If there are no lollipops for well behaved boys there will be trouble!

  8. I too got the combination shots..flu and H1N1..but all I got was a sore itchy red arm.

    SO glad all is well. I can empathize with having a turn.

  9. Hmm. Why do you males always require a reward for having a jab I wonder? Will you refuse to have it done if there is no lollypop? And yes, may be a good idea to let them know that Frankie has not been well.
    Ramblingon, you have reacted like K has tnen, she seems to have escaped this time with just a red sore arm which of course, being K she is 'hamming it up' for all she's worth. Keeps looking at it in the bathroom mirror. But she was fine,didn't go 'off' like I did.
    Every year though we do tend to react differently. Some years I feel fine, some years she is off for a few days. Strange.

  10. Lollypops!!! Grief Chip, you're easily bought. I should think it's worth at least a bag of cola cubes, a sticker saying,"I'm a brave boy" and a promise of a trip to the pictures.

    Technogran, you bravery astounds, I haven't had an injection for years.

  11. Not bragging or anything, but I think my female friends will back my next statement when I say that as a woman you do tend to get used to being treat like a pin cushion during your lifetime. Blood taken for this, and jab needed for that, it almost becomes routine.
    Which actually ends up bearing you in good stead if ever you find yourself in hospital for any reason, where they seem to appear as regular as clockwork at the side of your bed brandishing a needle for something or other that needs to be done.


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