Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowed In!

For the last two days we have not moved from this abode. K has been housebound.  No transport to take her to Day Care though as usual I was reminded that if I could get her there staff were in situ.  Hmm. Pity the helicopter’s being serviced isn’t it? So Tuesday I had the pleasure of hearing constant hassle to plod out regardless, call a taxi or sledge down on one of our tea trays  into the thick snow for some shopping. When I flatly refused, we had mutterings, grumbles, looks that could kill, and all born by me with a blatant resolve not to give in to the evil looks and curses made under the breath.

We have enough food in the freezer to tide us over for a few days at least! Tins of warming soup as last resort fall backs. Not only that, but being unable to go to Day Care meant that she was constantly ringing people up on her mobile, who I haven’t a clue!  Either that, or she has finally flipped and was talking to herself. Mind you, she did say that her horse Sally had rung her up asking where she was today.  Once she was certain that I wasn’t going to budge on the subject of exiting the door wearing two tennis rackets on my feet or with the rose covered tea tray in my hand, she promptly went to bed and fell asleep.

Let it snow let it snow

I confess, I did nearly waver at one point, when I thought I heard her sharpening the kitchen knives, but I was wrong as it turned out. There is no exercise class tomorrow, I received two phone  messages that it was cancelled. (they know that it takes some reminders to get it into my head!) but we might brave the elements and walk to one of the neighbourhood shops for some bits and pieces, if only to quieten her up from keep telling me that the forecast for tomorrow is wonderful.

Stepping foot outside

She is supposed to be going to respite on Friday, but whether the Access bus turns up or not is a moot point. I have prepared her for the eventuality that she might be lumbered with staying here with me for the duration.  I think that she simply won’t contemplate such an occurrence happening judging by the fixed stare I received when I warned her that she might not get there.  Now where’s that helicopter?



  1. Oooo, the photos are great, TG! But do you know what? I never once heard you say a word about the most important thing to have when you're snowed in. Holy cow, woman, have you forgotten? Hot Chocolate with BRANDY! No snow time is complete without it -- might even add a bowl of popcorn to the day and there you have it: the perfect day. xoxoxo

  2. Oh, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm tellin' you why, Bubba Claus is comin' to town!

    Items for K's Christmas list:
    Cross country skis
    Dog sled
    Snow mobile
    Sleigh for the horse to pull

  3. I know Jenny! But sadly we do not have a Cadbury's Stall selling such a beverage. However,if I spy some Brandy and hot chocolate on our shopping trek tomorrow I may be tempted to make our own.
    She's probably already got those written down Rocket Man in the letter she sends to Santa every year alongside tons of CD's and DVD's. t-shirts etc.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are suffering with cabin fever in the family!!! The dogs are not very pleased with me either. I played snow balls in the garden with them yesterday but Basso got the hump and just thought throwing snow at him was just mean - no sense of humour!!!!

  5. Cabin Fever? It's cramped up flat fever! I'm fine until all the muttering begins. She can't seem to whisper despite the fact that if I complain she insists that's what she is doing.
    A forced trek out today should quieten her I hope. Dog's usually like snow don't they?

  6. Great photos of the white stuff, T.G. I can just imagine K's disgruntled response to no going out. I don't blame you. We finally have snow here and it is awful. Even my dog hates it. Take care and wrap up warm. Pen.

  7. It's nothing to my disgruntled response to this mornings outing! I will blog about our escapades later suffice to say I feel like strangling someone at the moment! Grr!

  8. Ha ha ....just turn a deaf ear TG
    I should think that you are far from alone, there must be mums up and down the country who have the same thing.....what ever you do don't give in i wouldn't and if it gets to the stage where there is slamming of doors and i hate you just quietly say...well i love you
    That soon stops them in their tracks there is no answer to that how ever hard they try


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