Thursday, 16 June 2011

Discovering Rebus.

If there was one gain during our recent holiday for me personally, it was the discovery of Ian Rankin. I don’t mean that I found him hiding under the mobile home or anything, but I did for the very first time, read one of his Rebus novels, all instigated because of the terrible TV picture in the mobile home coupled with the lousy weather we endured all week. It just so happened that in the holiday parks shop, they had one of those paperback carousels which I duly inspected during one of our frequent visits for food stocks, and there in amongst the other paperbacks I came across Ian Rankin’s  ‘Hide and Seek.’

Quite why its taken me so long to discover him as an author I have no idea, but, like most of us, I’m not in the habit of going into Waterstone’s or W.H.Smiths and spending hour upon hour scrutinizing every crime author currently available just to see who ‘grabs’ my attention. After a quick peruse of the synopsis of the story from the back jacket, I bought it and read it that day. It was so good I simply couldn’t put it down, and therein lies one of my biggest problems as a reader. If I like a book, if it grabs me, I simply can’t put it down and usually read it all the way through in one go.


It was the only Ian Rankin book available from the camp shop, so then I was left gagging for more!  As soon as we were near a W.H.Smiths I was buying more books from the Rebus series, and have been enjoying them ever since. Discovering this crime series couldn’t have happened at a better time for me, because if the chemotherapy leaves me feeling tired and unwell, I can prop myself up in bed whilst I am transported to the darker side of Edinburgh and another gruesome murder for Rebus to solve.

It’s also made me realise that there are probably tons and tons of crime writers out there that I haven’t discovered yet, so maybe one of these days I ought to spend a day or two sifting through the shelves of W.H.Smiths so that I can discover them all! Right, I’m off now to read the next book in the series, see you all later ………



  1. Been there, done that. Ian Rankin super crime writer. I like you cannot put a good book down no matter what, everything else goes to pot until it is finished. I was like that with the Harry Potter novels I know they are meant for kids but I loved them.....

  2. I get mad with myself afterwards for reading them so quickly! I have already devoured six of them since our holiday.

  3. Hiya TG. I am an avid Ian Rankin fan and have read all his books several times. His character, Rebus, is one of my favourites. I am totally mad about crime fiction and read literally hundreds of books in a year. Thank goodness the library is free.
    Hope you feel better soon. Take care. Pen.

  4. Aaah! I know now who to consult then when I need to find a new crime author! I am also into crime novels featuring forensics.)

  5. I don't read much in the crime end of things...mostly thrillers and sci-fi actually but then again I know what it's like to pick up a book that I didn't expect to be that good an find it to be a real joy!

  6. Have you read Patricia Cornwells or Kathy Reichs novels they are very forensically orientated?

  7. I don't think so. I'll have to peruse the shelves of W.H.Smiths and see it they grab me.


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