Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hair today and gone tomorrow

Owing to the type of chemo I am receiving, I was warned at the beginning that I would loose all of my hair, in fact my consultant expressed surprise during my recent appointment with her, that I still had some left on my head as apparently you usually loose it all following the second session. I shall not be tempted to demonstrate my nearly bald pate with a photo on my blog, I am sure you’ll all understand why, so instead you’ll all have to make do with a cartoon impression of my current appearance.



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  1. Even with the slightly askance smile you still look beautiful to us. Of course we see more than just external appearance, even in the cartoon.

  2. Do you know if you hadn't mentioned it I would never have noticed. In my minds eye you the same as you always have - just one more advantage of the internet!!!!

  3. You are too kind you two! I am now wearing a wig when I go out. Hopefully no one has noticed the difference....

  4. I see you've chosen the dippy woman on the adverts on television. Should we read anything into that?

  5. My sister-in-law is currently going through chemo treatments. She has some great looking wigs.

    I like your cartoon :-)

  6. Anne's daughter is going through the same thing, except she chose to shave her head before it all fell out. I have heard of many cases where whole families, friends, etc have alos shaved their heads in support of the one going through the treatment. I love your sense of humor and your courage for going through this.
    I think yu look simply "Mav-o-lous"!!

  7. Yes that's my answer simply because it makes such a mess everywhere! Pillows, clothes, shower, hairbrushes, I am fed up with it, and shaving your head is the only answer. Thanks for the comment Samuel

  8. My husband started to lose hair all over the place so I shaved it off.
    After chemo 2 .... seems to be trying very hard to grow back & his head is covered in stubble.
    He feels the cold on his head now.
    Women can cover up with head scarves or a wig.
    Hope you are doing OK.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Can you come over Maggie and do mine? I will loose it all, and its makes such a mess everywhere! Trouble is my current hairdresser will be very reluctant to do the deed, so I am not sure where to go to get it all shaved off.


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