Thursday, 30 June 2011

To Scream or not to Scream.

Outside my bedroom window, it is a balmy twenty four degrees. Both windows are wide open, but fail to catch even the merest cooling breeze. I lay there, eyelids heavy, tired, feeling like death, my body aching and in dire need of rest. I had been dozing, my mind drifting thankfully into that subconscious state it craves if only to blot out the aches and pains  in my bones. I stare at the opposite wall. How I hate that wallpaper! A dog barks, a small dog by the sounds of it for its a ‘yap’ rather than a bark.

My body feels every bump and lump in both pillow and mattress. I turn over on my side, trying to find comfort. Someone outside laughs out loud, a raucous laugh. I wish I could swop places with the person laughing, for that is the last thing I feel like doing. Slowly I begin to doze again, my mind drifting off into some whirling thought, anything to take me away from where I am. Suddenly there is a scream. A girls scream, not far away from my window. A man shouts some unintelligible word out loud. The girl screams again. I resist the urge to get up and go over to peer out of the window and scream out loud myself. I simply think to myself, as I always do whenever someone screams outside,

‘It’s to be hoped that they are never being murdered, because no one will ever go to investigate, seeing as we are all so used to listening to screams all day!’ and I abandon all hope of respite and go off to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.


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  1. It sounds to me as if you have been reading my mind. Even the birds round here seem to take delight in shrieking. You think you were hot we were at 33 degrees for two days it only dropped to 22 during the night but when we were eventually released by the mother and father of all thunderstorms the temperature dropped for 30 to 18 in a matter of minutes it was like having a bucket of cold water thrown over us. Here's to cool comfortable and quiet nights of blissful rest!!!!!

  2. Oh we've got those 'cawing' blackbirds and shrieking magpies as well as the screaming and dogs barking! Only time I pray for rain is when its school holidays. Mind you, that doesn't stop some of them from being outside...(sound like a right moaning minnie don't I but I'm sure my children never screamed all the time!)

  3. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  4. It neared 100 degrees for us yesterday but today it's a wonderful 75 degrees. Even with the heat I don't complain if I can help it. The winter was one of the most brutal we've ever had so thought it can be miserable I try to keep a stiff upper lip. Grace to you my friend.

  5. I wear earplugs often even here at the ranch where there is rarely a sound. But then the other night coyotes were howling. 4:30am cows bellowing for their calves. Oh the worst is my husbands snoring. Try the ear plugs it puts you in your own little world. I even wore them on a cruise last window during the day just to give myself of feeling of being by myself even though there were people all around. Hope you have a wonderful sleep filled weekend. Hugs Carrie

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! Carrie, I have tried earplugs (they tend to fall out from my ears during the night though) and will consider using them again.
    This morning it was a pair of wood pigeons cooing to each other that woke me and some birds on the roof doing a tap dance! LOL

  7. Hope you feel better and manage a good sleep TG , Nice relaxing music yes good idea.


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