Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A day out in York.

Right outside the Railway Museum, you can board a road train which transports you to the Minster. As K is always reluctant to walk and I needed to reserve my energy, we gladly took advantage and boarded it to ride to the Minster. It only costs £2 per adult, so well worth it, and unlike our previous trip on a road train in Bridlington, there were no wet seats or rain lashing into the carriages either! On arriving at the stop outside the Minster, I gazed up to see it peeking through the summer clothed trees. I think its the very first time I have been able to take pictures of York Minster in glorious sunshine!

The Railway Museum road train


Here’s the Railway Museum road train looking really resplendent in black and gold.

The Majestic York Minster

York Minster in the summer sunshine. No photo can do it justice unfortunately, it has to be seen with the naked eye to appreciate it fully. It’s size, the intricate stonework, the beautiful stained glass windows inside, if you ever get chance to come to Yorkshire, make sure to pay the Minster a visit. It’s a truly unforgettable experience.

Sitting in the shade

This small area is on the right hand side of the Minster, and plenty of shoppers were taking advantage of the shade beneath this monument.

Love this building!

At the back of the Minster, we came across this gorgeous building in this lovely little square. I just had to take this panoramic shot of it. Fancy, living here!

Treasurer's House

Tucked away at the back of the Minster is this gem that we discovered for the first time yesterday! It’s called the Treasurer’s House and you can tour around it for about £3 per adult. (Free for National Trust members.) It also has a tea room in addition to these attractive gardens at the front.

The Yellow Backpack Brigade

I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap of these youngsters all sat out in the Mister park. They all had yellow backpacks so this photo is titled ‘the yellow backpack brigade.’

York Minster

The majestic Minster from the park side.

York is a bicyclers dream!

Probably because traffic is not allowed on a lot of the narrow streets of York, and because there are a lot of students residing there, there are bike parks to be seen everywhere, or they are fastened to railings wherever you look. Its a bike riders paradise!

demo of using Photo  Fuse

I loved this building! Gert and Henry’s! Again, I did have to use the photo fuse feature to get rid of the multitude of people walking in front of it to arrive at this shot.

The River Ouse

The river Ouse. You can take a trip on the river on one of the many river cruise boats. That’s one on the left hand side of this photo. There are many more photos of our day to see in a slideshow in my photos blog HERE. 



  1. I have never been and always wanted to go. It's a long old way away, when you live down south.

  2. Most delightful pictures I must say! These are the sights that make me really enjoy Europe!

  3. You always take brilliant photos, T.G.

  4. What lovely photos it looks like you had not only good weather but also a grand time.

  5. Thanks for your comments all of you, and thanks for the compliment on my photo taking abilities! I took my time taking these instead of my usual pull the camera out and shoot attitude.


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