Saturday, 23 July 2011

Off on another spending spree!

Dragged out today on some lame brained pretext that I needed (or the world might end) a new pair of grey trousers from Marks and Spencer's by my ‘money no object’ daughter, but at least it gives me something to write about. I haven’t been feeling too well following this last chemo session, it has taken me far longer to ‘come round’ and so blogging took a back seat in the list of things to occupy my time. Sorry about that. Anyway, onto the shopping trip. As many will be aware from previous posts, although we are all led to believe that the shopping trip is entirely for my benefit, its strange how it always ends with  K arriving home with more purchases than I.

We caught the 09.35am bus at our local stop and armed with a list written by K which included a new bath sponge (for me) long grey pants (for me) grey jumper (? not sure who this was for) and a new raincoat (for K to replace hers because the zip had gone) we enjoyed an uneventful journey to Halifax.

Usually I can never find a thing I want in Halifax, but for once it all went smoothly. First of all, we bought K’s new raincoat. One item ticked off the list. Then we made our way up to one of the bag shops in the indoor market to look for my replacement purse. Here I expected a big stumbling block. I’m very particular about my purses. They have to be a certain size and type and as I can never remember where I purchased the last one, I always have a lot of difficulty replacing them. The first bag shop had one nearly the same, but we continued onto the other bag shop to take a look there. BINGO! The exact same purse!


We were on a roll, I could feel it in my bones! Two purchases already and it wasn’t even 10.30am! A quick call into Wilkinson’s for a new bath sponge and then onward to Mark’s and Spencer’s to look for the grey trousers replacement for me. It took quite some searching in M&S to find the exact same grey trousers and in between my searches, my daughter had armed herself with a beige coloured t-shirt and a matching grey jogging suit top and trousers.


Spying a dummy stood in a fetching blue jogging top over a black t-shirt and black jogging trousers, I decided to throw caution to the winds and buy the exact same outfit for myself. BIG MISTAKE! K took one look at my choice and decided that she wanted the same thing instead of the grey jogging ensemble. By this time she was already stood in the queue waiting to pay for our purchases, so I had to hastily make my way back to the trousers to search for her a pair. They did not have her size. Size 20 short leg must not often be requested in this vicinity by other shoppers. 

On asking the assistant who served us at the checkout whether or not size 20 short length was in stock, she informed me that we could order it at the order counter which was sited just as you entered the food hall. I had not realised that you could order something in this way and although it took some time to fill in some details seeing as I was a new ordering customer, we did manage to order her a pair and I have to collect them on Tuesday. So all in all, not a bad days shopping!

I hope this trip has appeased my daughter for a while, as I am still vainly trying to save up for that trip to Cornwall that I have longed to make next year. Will I ever make it there? Only time will tell, and of course reading this blog!



  1. Shopping in our rural area comes down to 4 options: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, minimum 50 mile drive each way to the nearest town with a mall or online shopping.

    My wife will tell you that I am her K because I always spot something that's not on the list so she leave me home with Buddy!

  2. I'm glad to hear from you again but surely do understand you not blogging if you don't feel well. I'm seldom on good shopping trips so when a good one comes along it's a real treat! Have a great day!

  3. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes but I will have to brave M&S and see if I can get something decent to wear to my sons passing out parade next month. I hope I have as much good fortune as you did.

  4. I hope you are as lucky as we were as well Diane. At this current time, they are slowly changing to their Autumn collection, and there are some bargains to be had in the summer style. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  5. Hope you are felling better soon TG. Like Chip, we also live in a rural area with nit many choices, except for a new Walmart. Most of our shopping is by online or thrift stores. But every now and then it's good to get out to a shop to look around.


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