Saturday, 14 July 2012

I should have stayed in bed.


She want’s to go to Halifax to sell some of her old DVD’s so that she can trade them for another. I’m not happy about going anywhere, but as usual I allow her to talk me into setting off to catch the bus. It’s already  beginning to spit with rain as we set off and I am sorely tempted to turn around and go back home.  Seeing as the bus is late at least we use our passes and by the time we reach town the rain is absolutely pouring down. Being ruled by the weather mood wise is one of my many Achilles heels. I can feel myself sinking into resentment and ill temper as we struggle to put the umbrella up and make our way through the puddles to the shop. She trades in her few wares but she hasn’t made enough vouchers and so I have to make up the difference by giving her money towards her longed for purchase.

As I wait outside the shop others quickly pass by clasping their umbrellas or huddled under hoods. No one is loitering, all are hurrying and scurrying past on their way to wherever they must be, dripping raincoats, scowling faces, black looks. I decide that my ordeal should be rewarded with a purchase for myself, a new pair of jeans from Bon Marche and maybe some new pyjamas, so when she emerges triumphant from the shop clutching her precious prize, we brave the wet cobbles and motor onwards and upwards to my chosen store. After finding some attractive pyjamas, we discover that they don’t have my size in my chosen jeans but hey! all is not lost as they have two pairs in stock in their Huddersfield branch! 

We decide to cock a snook at this ill fated day and continue onto Huddersfield. After all I reason to myself, it surely can’t get any worse can it? Arriving in the bus station, we see that the bus to Huddersfield is just pulling out of the stand, but he is having to wait to depart because other buses are in front of him. Looking like two demented idiots, we gesture and wave to attract the drivers attention, hoping that he will open the doors and let us on, but…… he casually ignores us and drives off.  Steam is literally coming out of my ears. We now have nine minutes to wait for the next one.  Leaving her waiting at the bus stand, I stomp off to the shop for some sweets to calm my tattered nerves and a drink for us both whilst we wait.

During the journey to Huddersfield, the rain really belts down in bucketful's so that by the time we arrive at Huddersfield bus station, there are rivers of it running down everywhere and you have to take extra care where to walk.  Jeans finally purchased, we quickly find a cafe for some lunch and a welcome shelter from the rain. Even she looks ready to burst into tears, and nothing ever fazes her.  I feel like death. I ache from head to foot and feel so tired. As soon as we have finished our lunch, we return to the bus station for our bus home. I look around at the other people waiting for the bus at our stand. They all look so forlorn and fed up, blank dismal faces peering out from hooded raincoats which are dripping with raindrops onto the already puddled floor. We would all have been much wiser to remain this day tucked up in our warm beds, listening to the rain as it beat against our windows outside.  We should have all had more sense than to venture out on this particular day of all days seeing as it was Friday the 13th.



  1. Hmmm, not the best of days, eh, TG?

  2. I wish I knew what "cock a snook" means. My imagination is running wild. Is it safe for work? ;-)

  3. Oh dear you are brave venturing out on a day like that TG. Hope K enjoyed her DVD and it was worth it in the end. Look back and have a little chuckle..enough said.

  4. Just stopping by to say hi!! Hope today is a much better day for you. Be thankful. Remember that time you couldn't scurry about. Hugs Carrie

  5. Delightful read - as always. I did have one serious problem: Google Translate would not help me figure out the meaning of "We decide to cock a snook at this ill fated day". Harking back to an earlier article of yours, this one would be much better if illustrated with a couple of photos showing you and K singing in the rain! Surely that is the way to chase the "grays" away.

    1. Yes, but Ludwig, I have decided that this is going to be more of a 'wordy' blog though I will use an illustration if I think its appropriate. My photos taken on any days out or walks etc, will in future be in my photo blog next I do like to include photos but I really want my missives to stand on their own if possible. I'll see how it goes.

  6. For all those of you who don't understand the meaning of 'cock a snook' I'll explain simply because it is a phrase I tend to use often.
    cock a snook (British old-fashioned)
    to show that you do not respect something or someone by doing something that insults them (usually + at ) In the end he refused to accept his award, cocking a snook at the film industry for which he had such contempt.


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