Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Throwing caution to the winds.

Is anyone else diving out the door at the first opportunity whenever the sun peers through the clouds or is it just me? Following the lousy summer we’ve had so far, I simply can’t bear to waste a moment of it. Throwing caution to the winds and not caring if I looked like mutton dressed as lamb, I even went as far as donning my pedal pusher trousers and my open toed sandals. Even the raincoat and umbrella were left at home!  Foolhardy? Tempting fate? Once again my destination was the doctors and I had allowed a good half hour for my walk down. I can walk a lot faster when K is not with me. She is going swimming this morning with Day Care and I confess that I really envied her as she set off. 

For once I had remembered to grab my watch but a quick glance reminded me that I hadn’t made allowances for the frequent stops along the way I was tend to make these days taking snaps with my phone. I had to adjust my walking speed accordingly and although my doctor is always running late, the one time that I risk it and arrive late will probably be the one time that she is running to time. It’s a gorgeous day. Everyone I pass seem so cheerful.

Good morning! Isn’t it lovely to be out in the sunshine?”

Yes, and not before time!” I reply.

Following my stint at the doctors, I pick up my prescription and saunter down to town, no longer having to rush. Nearly every person I encounter is dressed either in shorts or cool summer clothes. Its so colourful after the dingy sight we’ve all become used to of raincoats, umbrellas and the like. I linger outside Websters furniture shop, peering in the windows at their recliner suites and chairs. I ponder for what must be the hundredth time on how they manage to be about the only shop in Brighouse that has survived. I have yet to see any customers in the shop purchasing anything. Most of their stock is very expensive and yes, okay, the best quality, but this is hardly what I would consider an affluent area. Yet I reason to myself, someone must be buying it for whilst other shops have died a death in our town, Websters marches on.

Merrie England scrumptious home made apple pie.

I enter Merrie England and stand at the ‘take away’ part of the counter to order a Turkey Salad on Gluten free bread. As usual, its quite full and there are probably as many customers sat outside in the back area enjoying the sunshine.  I was tempted to linger myself and have one of their delicious decaff cappuccino's but had second thoughts, seeing as I intend to walk home and not waste any of this glorious sunshine. Trouble is, I am stood directly opposite the display of their fantastic home made apple pies, which are sorely testing my willpower. At last she hands me my sandwich, I pay and saunter on to Hartley’s bread shop for K’s order of a Chicken Tikka and onion sandwich with salad cream on white bread. (Yes, she has strange tastes, my daughter.)  I also purchase a side salad for my lunch and a piece of Quiche.

My walk home is very enjoyable, I’m in no hurry and anyway, its slightly uphill with some steep bits, so I take my time, greeting people who are busy in their gardens as I pass. We’re all mostly a friendly bunch, its one of the reason’s I like living here, practically everyone knows everyone else and that’s the way I like it. By the time I arrive back home, I’m lathered and have to open most of the windows to compensate. I’d much rather be too hot than cold though, and I quickly set too making my Quiche and salad lunch. It’s been so enjoyable, being able to throw caution to the winds for once and leave that blasted umbrella at home!



  1. Hi TG, we are finally having a streak of nice weather here. We'll be going to have a scenic train ride and stay in the caboose motel soon. (http://www.rrdiner.com/hobo.htm)If I get any good pics I'll probably post a few. Have a nice day!

  2. Hi...Just read your comment on my blog so came to say hello. I've been reading back through some of your posts and got to the one where you wonder if it's possible to do a blog post without pictures.

    I say yes - if you can write well enough. And you've kept me reading so it must be alright - I am very easily distracted and tend to skim read but I've read every word of the posts I looked at here and found them all interesting.

    And I don't think the young have dibs on pedal pushers and open toed sandals.

    We have had the most glorious day - so hot - and I actually went into the sea..stuff sitting at my sewing machine..I got out, and tomorrow I shall do the same. The rain will be back and there'll be time enough for hunkering down indoors again.

  3. Down south it has been killingly hot and I have taken a leaf out of the continentals book. Shut the windows and draw the curtains to keep the sun out of the house and keep the temperature down. I know there is just no pleasing some people!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I'll be truthful, I was waiting for the usual 'Oh its too hot, I can't do with it!' from someone on my travels, and was bracing myself to commit murder. Alright I confess to being a cold thing, but how anyone can prefer constant teeming rain and cold to warmth and sunshine, well, it beggars belief for me.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    At last we have what appears to be summer, just when I had given up on any ideas of wearing proper summer clothes.

    1. I know! I was getting bored of wearing my thicker jeans, cardigans and jumpers! K and I bought some new pedal pushers for our holidays way back in March, and we haven't had chance to wear them since!

  6. I have been loving the hot weather finally arriving and may I say I really do admire your willpower in resisting the apple pies!

    1. I know Happy frog, it took all my willpower I can assure you! Trouble is, they display them right at the front where you can't help but see them...crafty eh?

  7. Sounds Lovely TG those apple pies look so very tasty..Oh that sunshine bring it on .Enjoy your week.


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