Monday, 27 August 2012


I can’t remember when I began to hate the rain, probably because I can’t remember ever feeling good about it either. I have no memories of splashing happily in puddles as a child in brightly coloured wellington’s, all my childhood memories consist entirely of summer days filled with lovely warm sunshine or days of having fun in the winter throwing snowballs and making snowmen.  Not one memory involves rain. It’s to be expected though I suppose. It’s hardly likely to be retained in my long term memory, walking through rain sodden paths on my way to school, or unable to play out because of the wet conditions. Perhaps its all been blotted out like some ink stain and I remember only the glorious warm sunshine and fun packed snow days where we tested our mothers wrath by jumping into a six foot high snowdrift from a wall, arriving home wet through from head to foot. I can’t even remember owning a pair of wellingtons, and my mother is no longer here for me to ask.

So quite when my hatred of rain began is a mystery, but it is loosely coupled with my love for walking, and to a certain extent, to my bouts of depression during the winter months that have plagued me on and off as I have aged. Rain depresses me. It adds to that overall state of greyness and dullness, it makes everything look dismal. The noise of it hammering on the roof, the sight of everyone scurrying along covered in raincoats, holding aloft umbrellas, usually black,  with no time to greet or meet in  the rain, we need to hurry along, too busy trying to exit the wet conditions and anxious to get wherever we are going, out of the rain. And once we arrive, we all look bedraggled, shaking out umbrellas in a vain attempt to rid ourselves of every last drop, rain dripping from ourselves onto the floor, as we leave our wet footprints wherever we walk.

I’d rather stay in bed all day whilst its raining, at least one can take some comfort from hearing it beat against the window whilst being snug, warm and dry. That’s the only time I can gain some enjoyment from the rain.


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