Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Blue Hood.


The most annoying aspect of the whole scenario I am about to tell was that I wasn’t looking up when the blue hood boarded the bus.  Instead, I was probably staring at my phone like the rest of the human race seem to do these days and so I missed seeing the contents of the blue hood. Had it not ended up sitting in the seat immediately in front of me, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it and this blog post would not be being written.  Instead, I looked up to see a huge blue hood, complete with arms issuing forth from it, one of those huge hoods where the occupant cannot be seen from the side view at all.

Who or what was inside that hood?  A girl? A boy? An alien? I had no way of knowing. Judging by the arm casually draped over the back of the seat, it was probably fairly young of age, we oldies don’t tend to sit arms akimbo in our bus seats as a general rule.  The more I looked at the back of the blue hood, the more curious I became. There was just a shape hidden underneath that hood, head shaped yes but that meant nothing.  Oh how I wished the object under the hood would turn around!  I was almost tempted to prod the shape in the back in order to cause it to do so,  but managed to stop myself in time.

It could be anything inside there!  I couldn’t even tell if it was male or female. Hmm. Perhaps I would eventually have my curiosity sated and be able to see the occupant of the blue hood when they alighted from the bus!  Keeping my fingers crossed that it would alight from the bus before me, I continued to sit there staring at the back of the hood hoping against hope for clues.  Ahh!  The bell rang, the blue hood arose from its seat in front of me, and much to my annoyance without so much as a glance back down the bus, got off and walked away, blue hooded top covering the whole contents apart from some legs which protruded from underneath. Drat!

So next time your busy on the bus or train, gazing down intently at your mobile screen, do remember the strange creature I encountered inside the blue hood won’t you? You never know what your missing!


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  1. They get everywhere, those hoods, lol.

  2. Gosh TG don't you find that pretty annoying just a little. Even on a warm day there is always a hood , who's under there , well it's anyone's guess.
    Good post good point.
    Sheila x

  3. Hey, TG, catching up with you and read back through your Christmas ordeal, but I am SO glad you are still smiling that smile of yours and doing the great tours and reporting on them that you do so well. I'll never make it to the UK but seeing all your photos and reading all the lines makes me feel like I am there. Thank you for that, sweets. Kerri is looking marvelous as always, too, and so are you. I have still not blogged in almost 3 yrs now and wish I could get the 'get up and go' to do it again. Maybe one of these days. Still, I wanted to come and say hi to you and send a hug. I don't think I ever told you over these years, but there were more times than not that you taught me a hell of a lot about programs, etc, that I didn't know and for that I thank you, too. See? You made a difference and I'm sure it wasn't just to me. I think you were the only person that actually took the time to post all the how to's and how come's when we moved from Windows Live to blogspot and wordpress. What a mess. You were a lifesaver in more ways than one, and that's the honest truth.
    Well, that's it for the moment on this end, but I'll check back. TG, take GOOD care and know you have friends on the other side of the Pond :)

  4. Hi TG

    Long time since I have either written a blog or seen others,but I am back again to give it all another try, I hope you and Kay are well
    Just been reading your blog about the blue hood...ha ha how frustrating, mind you you never know before the winter is out you might come across that blue hood again and see the front of it
    Loved the post
    Lo xx


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