Friday, 5 March 2010

Random Adventures with Randoms.

Or we’ve got an awful lot of sweets to scoff!

My two long term readers (if they are still reading following my recent rather stupid deletion of my email address associated with my Blogger blog) will no doubt be aware of my penchant for Rountrees Randoms, those small sweets consisting of various silly items. For those of you who haven’t  a clue about what they are then visit both your local shop or the Rountrees Randoms  Website to find out. As is usual for us, we bought a packet each to munch on the bus ride home, and were delighted to find that they are running a fantastic competition called Random Adventures.

The Gnome

The gist of it is inside only 50 packets they have placed a squashy jelly gnome and a ‘ticket’ which entitles you to one of 50 different adventures all over the world. Each different adventure is loosely based on one of the different random sweets found inside each packet. So for example, the teapot one inspires the ‘Mad Hatter’ adventure in the UK. There are some wonderful ones judging by the list. Searching for sea shells in the Seychelles based around the shell one or playing cards on a Mississippi paddle-steamer based around the club shape is another.

I quite fancy the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party myself at Ashdown Park in the UK. There are some wonderful adventures to choose from and if you aren’t lucky enough to win one of those, then each packet has a code on the back that you can enter online at where you can win a free packet of Rountrees Randoms. Seeing as K and myself munch our way through quite a few packets of these sweets, then maybe, just maybe we might be in with a chance of winning a fantastic random adventure! Yippee! And of course I would blog all about it so that you could all share in the day.

Trouble with all this is we will no doubt be munching our way through even more packets of Randoms now! I have enclosed a Photo  album of some of the Random Adventures but there are many more, so get munching on those Randoms! Good luck.


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