Sunday, 7 March 2010

Test Post for Sally.

Here’s the test post for Sally so that she can see just how to insert a full Photo Album into her posts on Blogger with Windows Live Writer.

1. Click on Photo Album from the right hand side Menu bar.

2. You are then asked to give your Photo Album a name. In this same pop up screen you can also see that you are not signed into Windows live Sky Drive where your photos included in the Album are going to be stored.

3.So if you already have a Windows Live ID just click on the blue login and sign in or alternatively if you do not have a Windows Live ID then just make one. (You can use any email address as your Live ID)

4. When you have done that, simply choose your photos either from the files on your computer or if you already have some photo albums stored in your SkyDrive you can choose from one of those. (see enclosed picture.)

5.If choosing to include photos/pictures from the files on your computer, then simply highlight them or ‘drag and drop’ them into the window. (This feature of dragging and dropping doesn’t always work, so if not, simply highlight the photos from your files and then click on open.) Then once all your chosen photos have been added to the window, click on Insert.

Now the Album will be shown inside your post in the default Spread formation and you can leave it like that or alternatively show it as scatter, fan or one of the other Album styles. It will also be to the left hand side (inline by default and you can place it to the centre, stretch it wider by clicking on it, then click and pull the corners.

6. Now click on the Photo Album and at the top of the Photo Album side bar you will see Set Album Privacy. Click on that and make sure that the first choice is ticked. 

7. Click on publish when you have finished your blog post and then depending on how many photos your album has, it will be published to your blog (and the photos will go to your SkyDrive.)

If you still cannot view any of the photos in your album either inside your published blog post or when you click on View Full Album, then you will need to go to your SkyDrive by inputting your Windows Live ID and then adjusting the privacy options of that particular album.

TG (Get back to me if none of this works.)

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