Sunday, 7 March 2010

New day, new camera.

Sony Cybershot camera We went out yesterday to buy a new camera. It’s a sort of combined Mothers Day/Birthday gift from K. (so she says) This time instead of buying a Samsung which has been my choice of camera for the last two I have owned, I decided to get a Sony Cyber shot instead. It has face recognition, smile recognition, 4 x digital zoom and I was amazed when I arrived home and saw how thin and small it was even compared to my old one. Tested it by taking a snap of K in her usual attire of ‘cheeky monkey’ pyjamas (you’d be hard pressed once we arrive back home to get a photo of her dressed as she is immediately back in her jamas before I have had time to climb the stairs.)

However the internal memory was only tiny, so this morning along with the usual food shop, I had found myself coughing up £15.00p  for a memory card for it.  On our way down there, I did manage to take a few pictures in the park, one close up of some crocus’s growing around the base of one of the trees, and the usual shot of the playground area and path.

 It took me an absolute age to thaw out yesterday following our shopping stint, I have always been a cold thing, but as I have grown older I find it takes ages for me to feel warm again after being out in the cold. It was dismal as well, kept trying to rain all day. Today it was as different again, it had been freezing during the night and it was still fairly nippy as we walked down to Tesco’s but the gorgeous blue skies and early morning sunshine made up for the cold.

The mornings are lighter earlier, its nearly 18.00pm now and its still fairly light outside. Yes, spring is definitely here. Enjoy the photos.



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