Saturday, 10 April 2010

On the Daffodil Trail.

As I am on my own this week (K is off all week for some respite from her Mum) and after doing some washing, tidying etc, I decided not to waste such a beautiful day by staying indoors, so I have been off on a ‘daffodil trail’ around my home town. Beginning at the new Swimming Pool build and ending up at the bus station, I managed to find lot’s of daffodils growing just about everywhere I went.

Across the Beck  I also took some photos of one of my favourite spots as well, the canal basin where there were lot’s of people sitting out enjoying the sunshine with even one couple having a picnic at the side of one of the narrow boats. The park was absolutely jam packed today with families enjoying the spring sunshine. It wasn’t long before I had to discard the raincoat it was so warm.

The Canal BasinIt’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow so that was one reason that I ventured out for a walk. I’ve made some of the photos into my usual panoramic shots. The rest are in a photo album. I love days like this. Later I have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to watch on Blue Ray. We did own all three previously on ordinary DVD and we have waited patiently for them to come out on Blue Ray.

I miss K already (she only went yesterday afternoon) but she has left me a very bossy ‘sticky note’ pinned to the fridge freezer which says

’Do not forget to book our Hairdressers on 17 of April is on Saturday I wont men doing as well please do not for get.’

So, I have my orders for this week and had better not forget to make an appointment for her hair doing had I?


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