Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Boss is back, with a Vengeance!

Last week I was all by myself because K was spending a week at respite. She wasn’t back inside the flat two minutes before she had planned out yesterdays  Itinerary. We were to go to Bradford first, then Huddersfield. Why? For a bottle of the Sherry we bought previously and a new sweatshirt for me. ( I had accidentally splashed some bleach on my other one and its now ruined. Well unless I want to resemble a spotted hyena.)

By the time she had finished stating the plans to me my head was spinning. So this morning off we set. For one of our round trips. The sun was shining, it was lovely and warm so I decided to just wear a t-shirt under my raincoat. So much for my usual homage to ‘don’t cast a clout till May goes out.’ ( always quoted to me by my Mum and then passed down by me to my offspring.)

spring, 086 We arrived in Bradford and plodded up to Morrison’s for the bottle of Sherry. Then we cut across from there to Bradford Forster Square where K looked none too pleased to have to descend a ton of steps to reach the station. This was followed by a browse around Sports Direct for a sweatshirt top to replace my ‘spotty’ one. No luck. Most of the stock on display was now their summer lines. Shorts, sleeveless tops. Pedal pushers, and I was beginning to flag. I was feeling quite shaky and light headed.

We decided to abandon the search here and make our way on the train to Huddersfield via Leeds. ( Not my idea, I could quite easily have just gone straight back home.) So mad dash back to the station. A train for Leeds was in. It was good to sit down. K began her usual ‘ape’ of the auto voice announcement provided on these trains as the journey progresses.

spring, 088 “ The next station is Leeds. This train terminates here. Please take all your belongings with you.” ( here she always adds the words ‘including knickers’ accompanied by lot’s of raucous laughter on her part) I stumbled from the train dying for a toilet break. Hey! Hang on a minute!  What were those old fashioned looking carriages on Platform 6? Suddenly my tiredness disappeared like a puff of smoke. My camera was out of my bag before K could blink an eye and I dashed up the platform to take a photo of whatever engine was pulling it all. Dashed the wrong way as it turned out. How long was this train? There must have been at least twenty carriages! (should have counted them all seeing as I ended up running from one end to the other.)

When we finally reached the engine it wasn’t a steam engine after all, but was still attracting lot’s of interest and photographers. (all male as usual apart from me.) They were just about to pull out so speed was of the essence as you can see by my shots where I have ended up including bits of  everyman and his dog on practically every photo. We did manage to have the time to take each other stood in front of the engine before it pulled out. As the train set off and K and I made our way back along the platform in the general direction of the toilets, we waved to all of the passengers on board. Wonder where they were going? Or where they’d been?

The train for Huddersfield was in and we were soon on our way for some more spending. I managed to find a sweatshirt and K bought one for herself as well bringing her total sweatshirt tally to six whilst I now have two. We also bought  two new bags for shopping from the indoor market ‘bag lady’ as we tend to call her. I was amused to hear her call refer to them as ‘laundry bags’ then at last we were on our way home.  A brief stop off in town to collect my new glasses from the opticians followed by the final welcome bus ride home.

Boy was I glad to arrive back!


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