Tuesday, 20 April 2010

To those I’ve loved but never met.

This week I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia trip brought about by a friend on one of the forums I often frequent making some of his recordings he had made of very old ‘Pick of the Pop’s radio broadcasts available to download. Sat there in my computer chair listening enraptured to those oldies from the early sixties, I also began to recall all those pop singers that I used to have a crush on then.  I did actually get to see some of them in concert because in those days it was quite normal for them to tour ‘en masse’ to our local towns such as Halifax for example or Bradford.

They used to all tour together. For example one concert I attended had the Beatles supporting Roy Orbison. Of course, you never heard a thing! From the moment the curtain went up on the first band or singer, that was it, scream scream scream at the top of your voice!

Those tours were the highlight of the sixties and you often got quite a few groups touring together with each other, and usually  appearing in a town near to you. It was often the only chance you ever got to be near to your idol or favourite singer or group. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Searchers, the Merseybeats, the Hollies, they all toured. I saw Cliff at the Bradford St Georges Hall when they were then called Cliff Richard and the Drifters. Jet Harris was still the base player then and I can recall that Cliff wore that famous pink jacket of his. I screamed all the way through that one.

I saw the Beatles who toured with all the other Mersey bands  at the Halifax Odeon (can’t remember what year that was) followed by seeing Roy Orbison tour with the Walker Brothers. It’s a shame that all of the touring came to an end but it did unfortunately. The groups and pop singers in those days seemed to spend half their lives on tour either in this country or abroad.


So here in glorious pictures are all of the crushes I have had over the years beginning in my teens up to the present day.

TG ( Who did you have a crush on in your younger years?)

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