Saturday, 3 April 2010

Update about our new Swimming Pool.

K has a nosy at the progress made Some of my readers may have been wondering what the latest news is regarding our new Swimming Pool, although I can in all probability count those on one hand (or maybe even one finger) as most of my readers probably couldn’t give a monkeys toss about it. So on the off chance that someone, somewhere was frantic with worry about how the build has progressed over the terrible winter months we have just endured, I now publish this update.

Despite one of the worst winters ever, our trusty hard hats have been hard at it (forgive the slight pun) and plodded on through rain, hail, snow and blow. A great deal of progress has been achieved as you can see by my snaps taken through the holes left specifically for nosey  parker Technogran and her sidekick K. (The lower cut out is for K so that she doesn’t have to stand on tiptoe to peer into the  site, and the upper two are for me to be able to do my ‘panoramic shots’ of the build and show off progress to the best of my ability.)

Swimming Pool stitchAs the sun was unfortunately directly in camera shot the day I took these snaps, there aren’t any from our usual vantage point of the front entrance, we had to mosey around the back of the build to our other ‘Viewing Points’ (aren’t these constructors thoughtful?) and I was able to do a pan of the Swimming Pool end where you can see that the windows are going in, the pool itself is already in place (or its shell at any rate) and the long awaited time when K and I can don our cossies ( will in all probability require new one’s as its an age since we wore them) and try to be the first to jump in and christen our lovely new pool seems so much closer to reality!  I can feel my skin peeling and drying out with all that chlorine already! Yippee!

Wonder who they will ask to open it all?  That’s all for now folks, I’ll keep my one reader updated on future progress as it happens.


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