Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wandering around Town.

Or some pictures of Spring flowers and Easter buns!


DSC00018 Had a wander down to town today. It was another lovely spring day, sun was shining and the birds were singing their little heads off. Actually I had an appointment with the Bank about some life insurance that they thought they could do for less. Ended up that they couldn’t of course but still, it gave me ample opportunity to try out my new Sony camera and do some of my usual Easter buns and cakes shots. I am also including one of K taken yesterday when we went down to town for some shopping,  where she is  eagerly displaying an Easter egg  (she actually had the shop assistant get it down from its lofty perch just so that she could have her picture taken with it, talk about dropping hints!)

Gregg's buns,cakes and sandwiches

We tried to get a photo of one of the town pigeons entering Gregg’s cake shop (they are always hanging around there, can’t think why!) and I would have called it ‘Can I have six dozen breadcrumbs please?’ but they wouldn’t oblige. As it was so lovely I decided to walk home via the Library seeing as all the crocus’s and snowdrops are in full bloom. They look gorgeous. I took a panoramic shot of those as well. The walk home was very enjoyable, only spoiled by my back giving me gip.

A Crocus Stitch

Talking of K (which I wasn’t) she has been off wining and dining today with her dance class. They have all been for a meal this lunch time to the Three Nun’s at Mirfieid. She says that she didn’t have any wine because it was "£2.50p for a ‘small’ glass. (her description) but apparently the Carvery was nice.

She went in her ‘dressed up’ glitter top and black trousers and even styled her own hair! (didn’t ask me to do it for her for some strange reason)

Enjoy the pictures. Till next time!


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