Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A foot themed day.

Yesterday turned out to be one of those days again. Analysing its contents I realised that it was for the most part, centred around feet. It began with this Granny trying her best to cut her very long toe nails. Toe nails that have during the course of her sixty six years turned from ordinary toe nails to something akin to steel.  Tried the nail cutters. No joy. Tried some scissors. They bent. Nearly went searching in desperation for a hacksaw. After resorting to using the very sharp (had horrible visions of being whisked off to hospital at this point with severed toe) kitchen scissors I somehow managed to make some headway and cut them shorter.

Next, we journeyed to Halifax for some walking boots. (notice now the consistent theme?) Ventured into Millet’s where they had a sale on. K managed to get her boots fairly quickly, whilst I had to try quite a few pairs on. The final one’s that fit me perfectly and that I took to the counter to pay for, actually turned out NOT to be in the sale. The total amount came to over a hundred pounds. £100! I very nearly fell on the floor! For walking boots! Cripes, I won’t dare miss going on any more of the walks at that price!

You couldn’t help but notice either that there were a preponderance of flower baskets, flower displays etc up and down the entire town. Hanging from the awning at the bus station as we arrived, neatly arranged in flower beds every where you glanced, or in arrangements along the shopping mall. What the? Then I spotted a sign. Halifax in Bloom. Aha!  So that explained it!  No wonder that everywhere you looked there were flowers dotted about!  I felt sorry for anyone who was over six foot tall though. They would be constantly banging their heads on the flower baskets hanging everywhere.

We had not been back home long before the telephone rang. Member of the family badly needing my assistance to sort out my sisters computer (one of my cast offs) as it had contracted a virus. Hmm. And that is where the rest of yesterday was spent. Sorting that little lot out. Not that it was caused by feet you understand. Unless of course it was a foot virus.

TG  Enjoy the photos I took round and about Halifax in Bloom yesterday.


  1. Wow, hope you get your money's worth out of the footwear. As always, I liked the accompanying photos. Toenails are an on going problem in our house. I cannot cut mine 'cause of the arthritis and Terry is usually too nervous to do the job. They have to get very long before he attempts the task. I trust all is well with you. Pen.

  2. I love that you go on so many walking trips and train trips FOR the walking trips, and then post such great pics of the excursion. Really nice, TG.
    Here I am in the most historical city of the USA and I haven't been to SO many of the sights. I should be horsewhipped. I think that's what happens to a lot of ppl in cities, though. It's the tourists that end up telling US what was seen, lol.

  3. Nice pics! And pretty tricky as I see you hooked em in from WL.

  4. Thanks all of you for your comments. I wish that Blogger let you get email notifications when someone comments on your blogs! I miss most of them to reply to! Sorry!


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