Wednesday, 21 July 2010

These boots are made for walking…..

I am still recovering from the shock of paying so much for a pair of walking boots. £79.99 for a pair of walking boots!  Boots that will get muddy and dirty and wet. Its not often that I buy myself any new items of clothing. I’m simply not into clothes at all. Of course I need to wear them, but anything I buy has to be cheapo. I honestly can’t recall paying so much on a coat or an outfit never mind a pair of walking boots! What rankles the most is that K’s boots look practically identical to mine and certainly as well made, yet cost less that half the price!  If only the assistant had informed me that my final choice was not in the sale, I would have acted like one of the ugly sisters and squeezed my feet into the toe pinching, tight fitting, bunion rubbing one’s instead.


I shall no doubt be feeling under pressure to attend every walk without fail simply to get my money’s worth out of them. Meanwhile, K has ended up  killing two birds with one stone and is using her walking boots as deputy riding boots as well, so her £24.99 purchase has been a bargain!  Sigh…..Try to guess which boots are mine.



  1. Just a guess: yours are the ones on the left, with the blue bottoms? I only say that because from the pic it appears they are a little less scuffed.
    Sometimes, TG, it's good to pay the extra for the quality. Only sometimes, though. There was a pocketbook I bought back in 1966 that was leather and cost me a bundle. I'd never even considered paying that amount for anything much less a bag. Well, long story short, I'm still carrying it, and almost every day! It's been like that since the day I bought it and it's still in great shape. Amazing if I do say so myself. So, maybe your boots will have that magic to them as well :D We can hope.

  2. It all depends..I'm sort of like JennyD. Sometimes the awful reach into ones wallet is worth it. :-) SOMETIMES!


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