Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning….


Had to make a trip to the doctor’s yesterday morning. I HAD planned to clean the flat, but …..best laid plans and all that! The reason was simple enough. The night before, when I came to lay my head down on the pillow, the room spun around and around me.  I hadn’t even the excuse of drinking a few too many glasses of wine either.

When morning arrived and I tried to get up I thought I was going to have to yell at the top of my head for K to come and help me  it was so bad. Either that or I was going to have to remain laid there in bed. Once upright it went away as long as I didn’t move my head too quickly or bent down to do anything.

Hmm. I recalled that I had suffered this particular problem before. Years ago after a particularly bad cold.  Rang up the surgery and then sauntered down for my appointment. Vertigo.  Inner ear or something. “Don’t move too quickly. Take these tablets three times a day.”


More tablets. I am now taking a total of seven different tablets every day.  If I did move quickly, I’m certain you’d hear me rattle.  SEVEN Tablets a day! This from a woman who until four years ago didn’t take any!  I have discovered through trial and error, that if I lay down facing left I don’t experience the dizzy feeling.  It only occurs if I lay down facing right. Cockeyed and lopsided vertigo. Could only happen to me.



  1. My goodness, TG! I admire your humour but please please! take care of yourself! You are much loved!!!

  2. Ugh, vertigo. Ugly feeling I know. Take the pills, it's worth it. It "might" stop on it's own one of these days. Let's hope.
    TG, on your ironing post, I left a reply, did the word verification, and next thing I knew, the whole thing was gone. So I tried again. Same thing. So I'll leave my note over here on this one and hope it takes. I agreed with you wholeheartedly about the making of a new trend of unironed clothes, lol. I havne't tried it yet, but it's a GREAT idea, and if everyone in the world did it, then it would be the normal thing. I started to say I was hard-pressed for words but figured the pun was just too bad. (I need to find those ironing board covers, wooohoooo)

  3. Years ago I had similar symptoms due to an inner ear infection. No fun at all. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. My old buddy, Vertigo. I have it when I stand up too swiftly because of the meds I'm on. Doctor's orders are to rise slowly and stand for a minute before walking. Sometimes I even remember his instructions but every now and then I'll get up and WHOAH! for a few seconds while the whole world moves.

  5. Hope everythings Ok TG,
    and I hope the doctor sorted you out with something to help....Dizziness can mean so many things, so many causes, ear, blood sugar low, anything.., I hate that feeling of the room spinning or the world tilting, always makes me feel quite sick. Take good care, and do as the Dr says...x

  6. How horrible. I had vertigo a few years ago and could not even get off the bed. It felt like I was falling off a cliff. Take care, T.G. and keep taking the tablets.


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