Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Our new addition settles in…

My last post was all about the treats I received on Saturday. One of those treats was a worried looking Meerkat. Now christened Manky. (don’t ask!)  He has spent the last few days trying to escape via one method or another. All to no avail. I am a Mum don’t forget and as my children will quickly inform anyone who cares to listen, I have eyes in the back of my head. Here in pictures are his escape attempts and a family portrait taken as he settles in to our humble abode.


1. Firstly he tried to escape through the window but couldn't open the catch with his paws. ( too soft cos’ he’s a soft toy)  Why? He quickly sussed out that the humans who reside here are slightly bonkers especially the older one.


On Sunday he tried hiding in my new bag before I went shopping. Tough! I spotted him! Nice try Manky!


Next he rolled down the stairs whilst the door was open and tried to make good his escape but TG was on the case! Back in this flat Meerkat!




As the sun shone in through the window, he began to look more settled and cheerful. Hang on!  I haven’t introduced him to the others yet! Maybe that will make him feel more at home! Now where are that misfit bunch that K and I  have collected throughout the years I wonder? Come on gang! Make the newcomer feel at home!  He is badly missing his Meerkat buddy’s from the Clinton Card shop shelf.

Let’s see, where is Bertie, Felix, ET and Ted? Ah there they are!





See! I knew they’d all make him feel right at home and give him  a rousing welcome!  Let’s have a nice big smile for the camera everyone and Bertie, no hitting Manky with your stick!

TG  ( I will not blame any reader who quickly leaves this blog for pastures new thinking to themselves as they do so, this woman is four cans short of a six pack. I shall blame my current mentality on she who must be obeyed and who sits on the toilet all day chuntering on to herself about something and nothing. And also remember readers as you quickly exit in case its catching, there’s a thin line between sanity and insanity and my line has simply become rather frayed.)


  1. I loved it, loved it, loved it!! Started out giggling and fell into out and out belly laughter. Then, when I got to the very last photo, right out loud I said, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, isn't that the sweetest thing! Look, he's actually smiling!" I swear it, TG, I swear it. This was adorable.

  2. Thanks Jenny. If I cheer up one person a day and make them smile I am happy. Doesn't matter that you are half way across the world. I might do some more posts later about Manky's adventures. We MIGHT take him with us on any trips we go on, we'll just have to see....watch this space! (sorry I mean blog)

  3. .....and as Manky settled down with the other Soft Toys, he told of the great outdoors, where adventure awaits anyone brave enuff to try and escape.., They listened wide eyed, (I know they're all wide eyed already but it makes the story better!!) to the tale, it almost scared the stuffing out of them all, but the bravest amongst them, wondered should they try it too? ...SO the plan was hatched, next time TG went to bed, they'd make a break for it.
    but will they succeed?.....

    I'm quite sane too..honest, TG. xx

  4. As my three children will also relate, besides having eyes in the back of my head, I also sleep with one eye open, so they are going to have to be pretty nifty to escape without this TG not being aware of it.


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