Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday Spending Spree.

Been out on a shopping trip this morning to Huddersfield. Not a venue I usually frequent but it was K’s idea. We SHOULD have been travelling in peace and tranquillity down the canal at Mirfield on a narrowboat with C.R.E.W.  Instead, we were dodging and manoeuvring our way into and out of different shops spending our limited income on various items that are totally unnecessary. I would much rather have gone on the canal trip but K was insistent. According to her the new Argos catalogue was out today, and we simply HAD to go and get our mitts on a copy. Not only that, but the new camera I have promised her has been reduced to under £80 she informed me last night. Several times. Seeing as she is in respite for her birthday next week I have to buy it her right now.

Me? I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything. My sole intention was to get the new catalogue, purchase her new camera and hightail it back home. However, I’ve returned home with a rather odd assortment of items supposedly purchased as ‘treats’ by my daughter who is doing some serious ‘a*** creeping’ in return for a couple of packets of crisps tomorrow. (aren’t I lucky she has a weakness!)

Clark's bag

Only one of the bribes treats for Mum turned out to be one that I really needed, and I am proud of myself that I resisted temptation in Clarks NOT to spend £80 pounds on a cross over body strapped bag. It was gorgeous though! Brown suede. K would have had me buy it. (visions of packets of salt and vinegar crisps swimming in front of her eyes.) For her its all about a means to an end. And anyway, what’s £80 pounds in the grand scheme of things? (her view on money and how much items cost does not in any shape or form correspond with mine.) Common sense and memories of the recent walking boots fiasco were upmost in my mind!  I did manage to get my cross over bag for £9.00 in Primark. Sure, it doesn’t have the zipped pocket at the rear for my gigantic purse and our bus passes but hey! Beggars (and pensioners) can’t be choosers.

One of the other items she has used to bribe me with is a absolutely terrified looking soft toy meerkat from Clinton cards that I took a shine to some time back on one of our previous visits to Huddersfield.  I say terrified look on his face because since arriving in our abode that’s exactly the expression he has. I swear that if he could manage to walk out of here, he would hairtail it back to the shop from whence he came.

Can I escape through this window?

licorice mix

My other bribe treat is a packet of my all time favourite soft Panda liquorice sweets. Mind you, my favourite one’s, the gorgeous ball shapes have all been already devoured by you know who seeing as they are her favourites as well. Meanwhile as the Meerkat tries to make good his escape, K devours all my liquorice and then promptly has a sleep and I construct this blog post,  her new camera is now on charge. It comes with a very handy plastic cover and will no doubt, despite costing far less money than my Sony did, turn out to be the better buy producing absolutely stunning photos to die for and causing me to rue the day I didn’t stick to my usual Samsung as well.

Where shall we sit next?

At least the weather has been gorgeous during our forage around the shops of Huddersfield. I took my camera along so there are some snaps of occurrences that I found interesting. The journey home was the usual laugh a minute. K and I always sit at the back, and one of the reasons why is because it can be so entertaining watching the antics of the passengers in front of you. Today we observed a game of musical chairs where most of the passengers spent their entire journey swapping from one seat to the next. Not one of them ended up being sat in the original seat that they chose when they boarded the bus. K and I were the only two passengers to stay put for the whole of our journey.

Well folks that’s all for now, I must away to peruse the user guide and set up the bosses camera so that she can take some stunning photos to put mine to shame.



  1. Interesting that I should find this just as Frankie and I are about to head to town, shopping list in hand. It's my job to push the shopping cart and she has rules for me to follow when we go shopping and I have no doubt they'll be strictly enforced, as usual.
    1)Stick to the list. If it's not on the list we DO NOT need it.
    2)DO NOT put anything in the cart when she isn't looking.
    3)DO NOT eat anything.
    4)DO NOT scare any small children.
    5)DO NOT wander off, ESPECIALLY to sporting goods or electronics.
    6)I've had enough of your antics; go wait in the truck!
    #6 is enforced 9 times out of 10.

  2. Chip's comment had me laughing. Gotta hand it to Frankie; she has him well trained :) (It's ok, he'll never see I wrote that)
    TG, you trips are always soooo interesting and I love how K is thinking she's manipulating the show. Soooo funny. Wish you'd had a little vid camera to catch the part of all the passengers changing seats, what a hoot!

  3. You were out and about today too. .I love the critter you got yourself . Cute as a button.
    I love the brown bag.
    I too was out shopping. Im not as good at shoppping as I used to be. I was in and out of too many places and came home with one more pair of sandles and a new hoddie. Glad you had a great time too. I love how you have your site all set up. I add things and take them down. Im starting the Home .. About me.ect. also. I had to have a look at yours,
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  4. I love the title you have "How to avoide me. " Too cute.!!
    Love your idea.

  5. Chip, your wife sounds like me! Those rules are exactly the same rules I have to say to K! (well apart from we don't have a truck for me to send her to, not that she would go if we did.) She is ALWAYS adding items to the trolley! When I get to the checkout I sometimes (depending on what mood I'm in) make her take them back from whence they came, though she never does, just usually plonks them on the nearest shelf to the checkouts. The shelf stackers must love her as they will keep finding items in their wrong place

  6. Jenny, Yes and she usually is manipulating things! (she's quite bossy) I did have my camera in my bag, but of course, I didn't realise that they passengers were going to be intent on swapping places the whole journey. It can be quite entertaining sitting on the back seats and watching other passengers antics. (mind you,K was going to do the same thing until I stopped her)

  7. Lisa, thanks for the comments and I am glad you like this site. I will have to (at sometime) come to some sort of decision about here and Wordpress. At the mo, I tend to post the same post to both (sort of like clones) its easy to do that with Writer. I have fallen in love with that bag, it was gorgeous and I am sorely tempted to return and buy it, but my common sense hat is saying NO, its too expensive!

  8. I so enjoyed reading this and I'm glad I finally noticed you have three blogs here. I am always hurrying and so I didn't notice till now. You are always a pleasure to visit. :-)

  9. Ooops..I am afraid I logged in under my cat's account and her blog..sorry. This is Ramblingon. :-)

    I will tell her I was masquerading under her nom de plume. I hope she will be alright with it,.

  10. Why thank you Admiral or whoever you happen to be at this point in time. I too end up doing exactly the same seeing as I seem to accumulate blogs like others accumulate a rash. New post about our new resident coming up soon. Your cat will love reading it


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