Monday, 30 August 2010

Soaking Sunday.

Braved the rain in the morning (had to, K was panicking about the food situation and the fact that she had nothing for packed lunch on Tuesday) so we set off during a slight lull in the downpour. Still ended up wet through though. After dinner, I caught up with the recordings I had made on my new PVR and generally slouched around the place.  As soon as we have packed the shopping away, K is back in her pyjamas before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’ so she was slouching around as well. In fact, she had a sleep after dinner. (Hmm. I must remember to get her thyroid checked at the doctors.) She does seem to do a lot of sleeping these days.



In the afternoon, the weather brightened up although it was very windy outside. My other news is that K has a crush on a Down’s Syndrome actor called Tommy Jessop. She always watches ‘Casualty’ (has a thing about anything to do with hospitals, she would have made a good nurse and/or a doctor) and he appeared in the episode last week. I’m surprised that she isn’t suggesting we zoom down to Winchester where he lives forthwith! The fact that he is only twenty four whereas she is thirty one holds no bar for her either. As far as she is concerned ‘He is dishy!’


He also appeared in a TV drama that she has watched ages ago calledComing down the Mountain’ and he is a very good actor. Its strange how Down’s Syndrome tend to ‘get’ acting. When K used to attend ‘Mind the Gap’ at Bradford, Downs Syndrome made up roughly 70% of the total actors there. It seems to be a very natural ability for them to be able to act. They are also very good mimics as well, and K is no exception. She can easily take off anyone. Gestures, tone of voice, the lot, she doesn’t miss a thing!

Well, that’s my Sunday post. ( a day late, sorry!) See you all later!



  1. Frankly I agree with K..he IS dishy. And like her..I feel that age, unless it is too too is not something that must be paid a great deal of mind to. If the men can admire ladies 10 years or more their junior- so might we ladies, Right, K?

  2. Yes I suppose your right. Not that there is much likely hood of her meeting her hearts desire. Well, not unless she appears in Casualty that is or some other program on the tv.


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