Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Off on a lone adventure.

When I got up this morning, I should have been busy tidying up the flat and doing some ironing.  I say should have because the moment I looked out of the window at the glorious October blue sky, and urged on by one of my blogging friends I threw caution to the winds, thought ‘Dang it!’ (or words to that effect) and armed with my trusty camera, set off on a lone adventure to who knows where.  I had no idea where I would end up, I did have some letters to post so that quest would have to feature in which direction I took, but as for the rest I would let fate decide where I eventually was to land up by catching the train. So whichever train arrived first, I would venture there.  This glorious October weather was far too good to waste!

So for your enjoyment (I hope!) and lavishly illustrated by my trusty Sony Camera, is the story of my lone adventure and some of the things I saw.

The open church gate

I passed the open church gate on my way down to town.

I posted some letters

Next I posted some letters.

London Train comes to a halt

Should I go down to London for the day?

Fountains outside Huddersfield Station

I barely resisted the temptation to run willy nilly through the fountains in Huddersfield.

Wow! Count me in!

Wow! Count me in!  Free cash everyone!

The Body Shop

I went in for a new one but they said they hadn’t any in stock. Sigh.

Costume Shop

I was tempted to try one of these outfits on but held myself back.

Like looking in a mirror

It was just like looking in a mirror!


No expense spared, I caught the train back to town. What’s 50p on a day of adventuring?

Danger Buses

Lastly I diced with Danger and caught the bus home.



  1. What an adventure, T.G. Sounds like you had fun.

  2. Great sight seeing trip there TG, and great photo's, and It always makes me laugh when I see, 'free cash withdrawals'. I;d be the first in the queue..and those outfits look so 'cool'...as in..This weather? Freeeezing !! lol!!

  3. Thank you for your comments, I did have an enjoyable day. Just plowed my way through the ironing on my return. (after posting this blog post of course!)
    Hmm, my figure isn't really the sort to squeeze into those. Might have been if the Body Shop had some stock of new bodies in of course but alas! I'm having to plod on with this old thing....

  4. Very funny. Pictures and captions made me laugh.

  5. You get value for your 50p in Huddersfield.
    Well done for staying at the cutting edge of blogging technology and still keeping in touch with the General post office way of doing things.

  6. Good! Making others laugh makes my day Fran.

  7. Yes. The old fashioned post box. Suppose we still haven't found a way of moving on from actual paper, forms, envelopes, filling in, writing, with a pen.
    Mind you, they were both destined for the Social Services so enough said!

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. And I bet the house work was patiently waiting for you when you returned so going out was definitely the right decision....

  9. Unfortunately yes. No magic had conjured it away, and I ploughed through the ironing on my return to ease my conscience.

  10. TG, this is my favorite kind of blog post. I can explore and discover along with you. Thanks.

  11. Thanks Dave! Glad you liked it! Hardly any typing to do either, which is rather lucky as my keys are wearing away. I have no E left at all, its just a black square, and my C and O are on their last legs.
    You will have a laugh at my next post, so watch out for it.


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