Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Something to Smile about.

I made one of my infrequent visits to my Messenger Social feeds yesterday during a break in reading blogs and posting my own.  I spotted this entry by one of my Windows Live friends who obviously hasn’t made the leap over here yet.  I was quick to give him an answer to his question, and afterwards I ended up laughing about it all day.  Here it is.

Quip to Peter

TG    Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. You forgot to tell him to turn off the lights when he does leave WLS.

  2. Ooops, so I did! Don't know if you have been bothering with your Messenger Social feeds at all Rocket Man or even stepping foot over there, but if mine are anything to go by, its as dead as a doornail now. Just updates from Facebook (yawn) and the other day I was inundated with Digg updates! Turned them all off. In fact, I might as well turn the lot off. I'll tell him to switch everything off when he leaves.

  3. For me Windows Live in general is basically pointless now. I still use the online photo program as a backup place to keep photos, but I deleted all my contacts and don't use Hotmail anymore since I like Gmail much better. After all I went through with the poor way Microsoft treated their online customers, I really am not a fan of theirs anymore. Too bad since their headquarters is less than an hour from my house.

  4. Yes I think that many are feeling the same Gerry. I would love to know how many of us were using the Windows Live site for blogging during the fantastic Wave 2 era and before Wave 3 hit the shores.
    It's such a shame. I also prefer platforms who ask their users what they want in the way of changes. That's real democracy and looking after your customers and users who after all are your bread and butter

  5. Thank you Ramblingon, I was laughing at one point until tears ran down my eyes.
    It turned out that there was a problem with Messenger Social yesterday and that's why his feed was empty.


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