Sunday, 7 November 2010

Another Runaround. (illustrated.)

First leg by busAs my philosophy is ‘don’t waste those gorgeous days of sunshine’ we set off on one of our runarounds yesterday. The sky was cloud free, we were both armed with our trusty cameras and although K had planned to mooch around all day in her pyjamas watching her recordings, she eagerly embraced my idea to venture forth for a days journey via our usual transport, namely the bus and train.. It ended with both of us stuffing ourselves with calorie laden delights. (as usual!)

Bradford Interchange Bus StationDescribes my brain to a T

First venue, Bradford Interchange where I was amused to read the departure board reading Temporarily out of Order. My brain knows that feeling well!

Bradford Town Hall

Walked past Bradford town hall looking resplendent in the gorgeous sunshine. Look at that sky!


Then on past two of my favourite sculptures to Bradford Forster Square station.


Standing waiting for our train on Platform 3 this is the view at the side of the platform.

Arriving at Leeds,

South Concourse Leeds station

Arriving at Leeds City station, we traverse the concourse to buy tickets for the next leg of our journey.

K gets in the Act, oyay! oyay!

Last port of call is Huddersfield where K is greeted by a town crier! It’s a Victorian Christmas Market!

6000 calories and counting!

Wouldn’t be one of our jaunts without ending on stuffing our faces with some kind of indulgence would it? A marshmallow and fudge dipped in chocolate kebab!

Rest of the photos of our runaround are on my flickr gadget on the right. There were so many calorie laden delights on the stalls that you could easily have entered the Victorian market one stone lighter than you eventually left it.



  1. An excellent jaunt on a beautiful day. You know how to get the most out of life, T.G.

  2. Thanks Penny. 'Make hay whilst the sun shines' and all that. (or divulge yourselves with wicked treats in our case!)

  3. The favorite statue is rather good. A town crier (is that Harold Wilson walking past in the background) and marshmallow kebabs - you spoil us.

  4. That sky looks gorgeous TG much better that staying in by the TELE. Oh my that chocolate marshmallow looks lovely very mouth watering. K sure know's how to enjoy her self. I think that looks like Harold Wilson statue in the background or am I mistaken.

  5. Looks like a very nice trip :)

  6. Yes Sandy its a statue of him outside the railway station. He was born in Huddersfield. I do try to spoil all of my readers, Must keep you coming back for more! ;)
    Yes Catches the Eye it was like that all day, far too good to waste in my opinion. We probably won't get many of those in November!
    Thanks Gerry it was. Frantic as most of our runarounds tend to be, but very enjoyable. Note that we did no shopping either. (resisted one temptation at least!)

  7. Looks like you had a wonderday. I read your part 2 on your last train trips. I get so nervous when I think I am going to miss something. I just hate airports, bus depots and train stations. So many people gets me soo confused as well. As least this time all went well. Lovely photos of the area. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping in. Hugs Carrie

  8. TG, I have come to a conclusion. You and K go on all of these great jaunts and I get to look at all the great pictures. Well, I have a better idea. You should adopt me so that I can go, too. Now, granted, I'm older than you are so it might look a little strange, but I'll shrink down to look smaller and try to pass it off. Deal? Ohhh, I want to go to these places! :D

  9. Very cool, TG! With no public transport, and our rural location a similar trip for us would begin with deciding which gas station to knock over!

  10. Jenny how are you older? I am sixty six years old. You can come with us gladly! The more the merrier! Or travel with us in my blogs....
    Rocket Man, no public transport? Cripes! How would K and I get around if we lived where you live?
    Can't drive a car so we'd be scuppered! (suppose K would natter for us both to have a horse instead.)

  11. It sounds like a perfect day to me...especially the high calorie snack! I wish we had public transportation in rural Oregon. I's much prefer to ride than drive my car. On sunny days in the fall I like to ride my bike around the neighborhood...and just so it doesn't get too healthy, I'll have a non-healthy snack when I get home!

  12. #1Nana no public transport? Blimey, K and I would be scuppered then wouldn't we? Why do you not have any public transport? How did everyone get around before the arrival of the car?
    Most of our lives are spent walking or riding some form of public transport. Yes a bike ride will give you an appetite. Thanks Nana for the comment.


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