Thursday, 4 November 2010

Shopping Shoot in the rain.

Says it all reallyTrying vainly to compensate for my stupid blunder yesterday when my camera’s battery ran out after just one photo on what was to be a collection of shots of Autumn colours taken on a gorgeous sunny day, I took my camera with me this morning ( complete with fully charged battery) as we went down to town for some shopping. It was raining which put a damper on things so don’t worry about the white spots on some of the shots. that’s just the rain on the lens.

The Park in Autumn

A very weak sun kept vainly trying to battle with the rain clouds, but sadly lost. The park was empty apart from one brave soul battling his way through the mud and a lone dog owner walking their dog. The swings, the slides, the spiders web, the toddlers roundabout were all empty and forlorn. We had to battle our way through the very soggy grass in the park  just to get some decent shots and K splodged her way valiantly through the muddy field as she trudged after me, not looking  too impressed with this diversion just for her Mum’s photo shoot. 

Pan from the Spiders Web

She brightened up considerably though on reaching Tesco’s when she was invited to taste some chilli con carne from a lady who was offering tasters of some product or other. All hardship suffered during the trek through mud and wet grass was quickly forgotten so with a shot of K enjoying her taster I do hope you will enjoy all the damp photos in the slideshow.



  1. Hi TG, I've been wanting to go out and try to get a few Fall photo's too, but I just can't seem to find the time.

  2. I had to slot this one in between our other commitments Gerry. Taking the camera with you (easy for me because it fits in my pocket) is often the answer I find.

  3. Your pic's are beautiful, the trees look love with all the colour
    Take care

  4. Thanks Sue some more panoramic shots to follow before it all disappears onto the ground. (catch it whilst you can is my motto!)

  5. I love seeing the sights as it were, where you live.

  6. Happy Guy Fawkes Day TG. Do you all shoot fireworks or anything?

  7. Thanks Ramblingon our blogs are often the only way we all get to visit all those wonderful places where other blogging friends live.
    Dave do you mean shoot with my camera? No I don't take pictures and it's only usually the organised bonfires and fireworks that are let off these days. Its not as popular as it used to be when we were younger and my children were young.

  8. I find that the rain actually enhances the autumn colors. I really enjoyed the slide show. You have some beautiful shots, TG!

    A little redneck advice for K: my Dad always said "If it don't eat and don't cost nothin' take it!"

  9. I LOVE the Fall; it's my favorite season. Nothing can beat the colors and when it's after a rain, they pop right out. So beautiful and you did a wonderful job with that camera of yours. I've been talking to Chip lately about his and I've saved a ton of info from him. What I wouldn't give for a really good camera. And I can add to that: a good bowl of chili would hit the spot, too :D

  10. Hey Rocket Man! That's K's philosophy as well!
    Yes Jenny I agree, and I am on the look out for a camera that's sort of a cross between one of the more powerful cameras and a 'point and shoot' that I currently use. They are beginning to arrive but don't like to be fiddling about before taking a shot and I do like to be able to carry it around in my pocket.


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