Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Boring Blog Post.

Sorry readers. My lousy memory and usual bungling disorganisation is the cause of this very boring blog post. See, the intention was, after looking out the window this morning and seeing a gorgeous blue sky, to capture for my readers a plethora of fantastic photos showing Autumn in all her golden glory but……… after taking this lone photo on my way down the hill, the battery ran out of my camera and so silently cursing my stupidity under my breath I had to abandon the idea and return home.

Lone Photo Shoot

TG  Embarrassed smile


  1. Hey, TG! Good to see you :D
    I don't think this post was boring at all, I think it was a beautiful shot! It brought all sorts of my imagination into play and I was certain I was taking my time strolling down the hill. I enjoy ALL your posts about all sorts of things and K is no exception. Her adventures are fun, fun, fun.
    I found out something about you today that I never knew. Aries. Me, too! Believe me, I know many of your leanings, lol, and I've been down that marriage path a few times myself with the same outcome....and never again. If I were there in front of you now, I'd shake your hand and say, "Yessirreee, we survived it and we're still on top". High 5, TG :D

  2. Thanks Jenny for the comment. Yes us Aries can be a law unto ourselves and tend to be too independent. I'm always leaning. K is a typical Leo, born actress, likes to be centre stage etc etc .........

  3. Great minds and all that, TG. Guess who else went out with an eye towards capturing some great shots..... only to discover the camera wouldn't come on when I hit the power was already in the on position....and had been since I put the camera back in the bag......yesterday. At least I had a fully charged the the house. I finally managed to get a few decent shots......after the cloud cover moved in...... and muted what little fall color we have left.

  4. In my experience you have to be quick to catch the beauty of autumn. Just as I get round to taking the pictures there comes a big gale and all the leaves are gone - oh well next year perhaps....

  5. Hmm. Perhaps I should get a spare battery then to compensate for my lousy planning skills! I was so annoyed with myself because it was the perfect day for a photo shoot, clear blue skies... oh well.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes I feel that too Diane and round here, our leaves turn to that gorgeous orange colour very late on and then quickly fall off or worse, die and its gone. I was gutted.

  6. My one and only camera runs off a Lithium battery, which has it's own charger, WHICH keeps saying the two batteries I have don't need charging up, BUT they DO, I keep telling it...I've 'stood' weights on it to 'help' the connection...BUT still it refuses to recharge the Expensive replacements I got online!!!...Oh for a wind up one!!
    I agree with everyone ....not boring at all...I love trees...and Autumn colours..
    Pulling hair out...xPenx

  7. Stood weights on it? Lithium? Recharge? Far too technical for me I'm afraid Lady Penelope. I'm into wind up though.

  8. I have had that happened once and I kept my eye peeled on the battery indicator since when I go out. I had JUST gotten 1 shot of a deer..and that was it, Gone. No battery. :-(

  9. Isn't it maddening as well! (not that there are any deer around these parts unless you count my lovely daughter, she's a dear.) In fact I have had a strange battery week this week all told because it wasn't the only one to run out.


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