Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pictures of York.

K returned from her venture to York dungeon yesterday with some pics for you all. She took more, but I am not allowed to show those containing the other Day Care people for privacy reasons. So just a few I’m afraid.


I like this one simply because she has captured the fog so well,


As always there has to be a self portrait. (or should I say, self photo?)


Where’s that fridge magnet for my Mum? ( that I had given her a fiver for)

Guess Who?

Hmm. Wonder who this is?

Can you give me a hand?

We’d all love another pair of hands!


Another nice shot by the river. Her photos get better and better!


In fact this one is crying out for a ‘black and white’ makeover.


Again, nice shot of this bridge. She did attempt a panoramic shot of this, but it didn’t quite work. She puts my photo attempts to shame!  

TG  Embarrassed smile

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  1. K's photos of the riverside are amazing!!!

  2. Wow very good captured the fog and the riverside almost as you say , calling out to be black and white. Well done K I see she is standing next to a snack bar or pizza place there ..Sheila

  3. Love the river shots, and I agree TG. K's photo taking is getting better and better...Very atmospheric.

  4. Yes,she has captured the atmosphere so well. The buildings hazy in fog, the wooden dining tables in the foreground, she is getting so good. Yes Catches the Eye you noticed! Never an eatery far away where K is concerned.
    Pen when I first looked at them, they made me feel quite cold, so she managed to capture the weather that day as it was very cold.

  5. TG, K has got some REAL talent! I was enthralled with every shot. They are all so artistic!
    ...and that mask is the scariest mask I ever saw in my life!

  6. Thanks for the comment Rocket Man. Yes I think so

  7. Jenny she gets better and better I think. Those photography courses have really paid off!

  8. The photos are lovely. How great that you have been able to help her develop a talent like this. The scenery is beautiful...makes me want to visit.

  9. I haven't taught her, she has been on quite a few photo courses at the Adult Education Centre. She has seem me take my panoramic shots though and she does 'pick stuff up' from me.
    She is improving in her shot taking in leaps and bounds.

  10. Oh wow, K's photos are awesome! Well done!


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