Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday shopping spree.

Today we went on a shopping trip. To buy youngest son his Christmas present to be exact. We didn’t need or intend to buy anything for ourselves. Just simply meet up with son in Huddersfield, then onto Carphone Warehouse to buy the mobile that he had asked for. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Son was working this morning, so we had arranged to meet up outside Burger King at 11.30am as someone was giving him a lift into Huddersfield.  The jaunt began well with me exiting the flat door complete with coat, bag, purse and no shoes on, just in my stocking feet. (foretaste of things to come, or just me going gaga?)

We caught the bus outside the Martins Nest seeing as we had just missed one. Eye rolling smile Landing in Huddersfield we made our way down to the rendezvous point. 11.30am. No sign . I rang his mobile. No answer. Sigh. He always has the ring turned off. Rang again and again. Eventually he came in sight. Visited Carphone Warehouse. Then Phones for U. Then the O2 shop in Kings Shopping Centre.


Now any long term readers of mine will be quite well aware of past shopping escapades we have endured, and I do not use that word lightly, with youngest son. He is an absolute nightmare to shop with. He can never make his mind up, or alternatively he goes off on a tangent and spends more time looking at or purchasing things that weren’t initially in the remit of why we are there shopping in the first place.  He has always been like this and today turned out to be no exception because before you could say ‘mobile phone’ we were suddenly stood in HMV looking at ‘heavy metal’ CD’s.

Of course K then went moseying off to look at her choice of music at the other side namely ‘film soundtracks’ whilst I stood there like a lemon with my back beginning to ache.  How had we ended up in HMV? What had this to do with buying a mobile phone?  After what seemed like an eternity, he chose a CD and went to queue up to pay for it.  We then made our way back to the O2 shop. Initially he had stated that he wanted the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini phone but once we began to look at what was on offer he began to change his mind. He homed in on the HTC Smart phone and we asked an assistant to get one.


The assistant returned with the news that they only had one left. In pink.  Could they enquire at the Halifax branch whether or not they had one in stock in black?  Meanwhile K was beginning to look hungry. And fed up. Every time I looked at her, she was raising her eyebrows and rolling her eyes. Yes the Halifax branch had one in stock in black.  We had now been in Huddersfield for precisely one hour and thirty minutes and all we had to show for it was one heavy metal CD.  We walked up to the bus station to catch the next bus to Halifax.  As is usual I vowed to never EVER come shopping with youngest son again. Trouble is, I always end up forgetting.

Landing in Halifax some half an hour or so later with K looking so ravenous that I feared for other shoppers and wisely kept my distance, we made our way down to the O2 shop and at last finally purchased a mobile phone for J.  He was also trying to get some kind of pouch or holder for it, but no luck with that as all of their holders were mostly for the iPhone. At last  we made our way down to Burger King for some lunch.  I thought I had better get K a large one to err on the safe side. I just had my usual seven chicken bites.  The cup of tea went down well.  Son and I had a discussion about the why’s and wherefores' of Take That taking Robbie back into the fold. I really miss having our often heated discussions with him. We both like our music and out of all my three children he is the one who is the most like me, certainly where interests are concerned. 

He went to catch his bus home and we waited patiently for ours to arrive some half an hour later. (On arriving at the bus station guess what was just departing? No prizes for the correct guess of our bus.) So. That’s one Christmas present taken care of so far at least,  and I’ve until his birthday to recover!



  1. Going shopping with teenagers - especially boys? A very, very risky business.

  2. Sony Ericson's mobile this mobile is good

  3. Fran, he's 27 and no longer a teenager. He's still as bad as he has always been to shop with. Rashid, yes I also like Sony Ericsson's but he plonked for a HTC phone instead.

  4. What a trip you have got the patience of a saint TG. Mind you those phones look very good they make mine look a bit old hat now, I understand they are tricky to use especially the blackberry. At least you got yourselves a tasty lunch , and a cuppa.
    Good post have a great Sunday.

  5. Thanks Sheila. We weren't looking at the Blackberry or any of those Smart Phones etc. (usually with the very small keyboard attached for leprechauns to use!) He's set K off now! In Tesco's this morning she was using an iPhone to look at a picture of a shark! Gulp! 'I like these touch phones Mum!' Cripes! Big jump from her Doro!

  6. The patience of Job. It's hard shopping with kids...but it's fun, too :D
    I have a friend that has a phone that does everything in the world. It even hooks up to his house and turns the lights on and off by command from a distance of across the entire country. Amazing. Then it does all the menu-looking and ordering from a restaurant and buys tickets for a movie. I've never seen so many apps in my life! Remember when we all thought that computers would take over our lives? Well, they're in 2nd place now. Phones are the rascals of today, and wayyy over my head now.

  7. Your right Jenny. I'm amazed how nearly everyone you see walking or in the bus station, on a bus or train spends their entire existence gazing down at a small screen, texting or whatever. Either that, or they have earphones attached listening. They can't see what's in front or hear what's coming. It's a mobile world today


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