Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A ‘Themed’ Day.

I would imagine that everyone gets a ‘themed’ day from time to time. By themed I mean that the day has similar occurrences happening more than once. Friday was a ‘Break’ themed day. So much so that I ended up hoping I didn’t fall over. It began innocently enough.  As Fridays usually begin as a matter of fact. I did the usual and got out of bed. That’s always a good start to the day I find.  Following that, I got showered and dressed. Again, nothing unusual there unless your a cat of course.  We had to go out as K was off to Yoga class.

Setting off along the path, on this occasion with my shoes firmly on my feet, my bag strap broke. Hmm. What is it with me and bags I wonder? I must be the unluckiest person ever where bag life is concerned! Perhaps its my insistence that they fulfil a multi-tasking role. My bags have to be versatile. They have to be able to contain extra shopping items as well as my purse, mobile, (when I remember to take it with me that is) bus passes, camera and my spray for emergencies. They also have to be crossover as my shoulders are so slopey that shoulder bags are next to useless seeing as they spend all of their time slipping down and end up driving me insane.

My broken bag

Tall order for any bag as you can probably imagine, and goes some way to explaining why I have a devil of a job finding a replacement  whenever I need a new one.  It’s always the crossover strap that breaks, indicating that perhaps I am tending to ‘overload’ my bags somewhat either with shopping items that overflow from our main shopping bags, or my purse stuffed with money. (this latter choice  is rather far fetched or only in my imagination I can assure you.)  Luckily we do happen to possess amongst our few remaining shops in our small town, a bag mender, or to correctly title his trade, a Cobbler.

A load of old cobblers!

Without his presence I would probably be buying a new bag (with all of the trawling around bag shops in several different towns and cities that would entail) every few months or so.  It’s really strange how I  can be so fussy and precise about what I require from a bag, yet the rest of my attire, which usually consists of a pair of cheap jeans etc tends to be based on anything goes as long as its warm and comfortable! 

However the breakages didn’t end there. On our return home I found that my reading glasses had broken. One minute they were on the kitchen work top looking fine, then the next time I tried to put them on the screw holding the frame to the sidebar had broken!  These have now been fixed thanks to a quick visit to the opticians yesterday when we went down shopping. They fixed those there and then as we waited.  I also took my broken bag down to be mended as well,  but the bag mender (sorry, cobbler!)  wasn’t open. Good job  I have a spare isn’t it for just such emergencies.

Have you ever had a themed day? A day when the same type of incident has occurred over and over again?



  1. Quite maddening when the theme is things breaking. Next time I recommend a happier theme:>)

  2. I know Penny! I must concentrate harder on my 'theme for today' in future. Like 'Lottery win theme' or 'chocolate without gaining an ounce of weight' theme. Thanks for the comment and the tweet as well!

  3. Ugh, those "themed days". And the themes always seem to be on the rotten side, don't they. Wonder why that is? Only once in my entire life did I have a themed day where everything I touched turned to gold (so to speak). I was walking on air all day long. Next day, back to the usual, lol.

  4. I agree Jenny! In fact your luckier than I. I can't remember ever having one of those Golden themed days. Hmm, maybe we only get one a lifetime. If so, mines still to come! Yippee! Now if only I knew when it was going to happen I could get up early and have a really long golden themed day!

  5. I have days when I should only work on the floor as that seems to be where everything ends up anyway and some days I'm really sure it would have been better if I stayed in bed. You have my empathy!!!

  6. I've done the floor thing in my time Diane in the days when my son's were at home mostly and I ventured in to clean there bedrooms. 90% of my time used to be spent scrabbling about on the floor looking for odd socks for the wash basket or worse..... Now its scrabbling about on the floor retrieving crisp and other food crumbs from under K's bed.


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