Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monday, swimming and the beach.

On Monday, we had been promised gale force winds of up to 80 miles an hour and rain. We decided that the best course of action was to stay put on the park, and so at 9.30am K found herself stepping gingerly into the swimming pool. She was lucky enough to have the entire pool all to herself, and I really envied her. I had been advised not to risk going swimming whilst receiving chemotherapy because of the risk of picking up an infection, and so I found myself relegated to watching her from the side of the pool as she swam from one end to the other.

K has a swim alone


We enjoyed our lunch in the restaurant where I chose my usual chicken Caesar salad. We then decided to walk our lunch off by venturing down to the beach, with yours truly not thinking things through as usual, and completely forgetting that the steep walk down would be a doddle, but not the return journey up!

Reighton Sands towards Filey

Strangely enough, once down on the beach, there was hardly any wind at all. It was quite sheltered from it. The beach was full of huge blocks of concrete that really spoiled it all. I can’t remember those being there when we used to visit Reighton all those years ago, I am sure I would have noticed them.   The walk back up to the park was a real effort, and I was really glad to be back in the mobile home, despite the fact that it was really shaking and rocking in the wind. I just hoped that I would be able to get to sleep!



  1. It looks very nice TG. Reminds me that I need a vacation.

  2. Our stay in Callingford was plagued with wind that knocked over huge trees. I couldn't be more weary with bad weather...however seeing as many have had it worse in the weather department I'll count my blessings. Delightful pictures my friend. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Don't worry Joe, heatwave on its way! Then we'll hear everyone complaining its too hot! Him up there in charge of the weather just can't win I'm afraid. Yes Gerry, we all need a break I feel.


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