Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Our visit to Scarborough

As the weather promised to be blustery but sunny, we decided that Tuesday was to be our visit to Scarborough. Despite the fact that is was still very windy, we threw caution to the winds (pun intended) and took a ride on top of one of the open topped buses. We must have resembled a poor man’s Batman and Robin with our raincoats billowing out behind us as we braved the winds atop of the bus! At least there were blue skies and some sunshine peeping through them.



After our bus ride along the front of the North Bay, we alighted and made our way to my favourite ice cream parlour for a Knickerbocker Glory. No one but no one makes them quite like Pacitto’s Ice Cream parlour!  There the best!

Pure Heaven!

King Richard houseWe had our dinner later in one of the many restaurants which are dotted along the front and chose the King Richard III to be precise where I enjoyed a roast beef dinner, and K had steak pie and chips. I had to laugh at a very scary contraption hanging on one of the walls by the bar entitled ‘Mantrap’

Following our dinner, I again foolishly decided to begin to walk up through the old town towards St Mary’s church and the castle. Big mistake! It’s a really steep climb, and after reaching about half way up, my legs began to complain, they turned to concrete blocks, and I had to literally keep stopping every few steps all the way to the top!  It was with enormous relief that we eventually reached the lovely St Mary’s church, where incidentally Anne Bronte is buried.

Following a brief rest in the church, we continued slowly up to the castle. It was really windy up at the top in the castle grounds, which probably explains why there weren’t many visitors up there! One of the last times we had visited the castle was with J when we attended the World War 2 demonstrations. Remember? Unfortunely that post is not available on Blogger, I will have to rectify that methinks!


By the time we had sauntered around the castle grounds, I was exhausted, so we slowly made our way down the road from the castle, and worked our way to the bus station. What a day, and although enjoyable, I was so glad to arrive back at our mobile home!



  1. It sound like you had a wonderful time, your photos are lovely
    Take care

  2. The weather looks so much better on these snapshots. It sounds as if it was like a pretty jam-packed schedule for you, lots of exercise but also lovely meals. I'm off to stay at my parents caravan for 5 days, it'll be cooking and cleaning for me, just like home. A change of scene is good for the soul though, don't you think?

  3. Is this where Scarborough Fair can be found (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme)?

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Yes. 'A change is as good as a rest' as the saying goes, though us Mum's need a break from the cookng..Dave, not sure about Scarborough Fair but I think so..

  5. Wow, what a nice time that must have been! The pictures are a real joy to see! The ice cream looks amazing too...what a wonderful day!

  6. What a great adventure. I would have ridden in the top of the bus too. You sound like you are the kind who wants to enjoy the experience when you head out for a day trip. And you continued on up the hill to the castle. I would have rewarded myself after all the walking with the ice cream.


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