Friday, 3 June 2011

A day out at Flamborough Head

On Wednesday, we decided to make the trip to Flamborough Head. This entailed two separate bus trips, one at 10.00am (first bus in that direction from the Park) to Bridlington, and then another bus to Flamborough Head, north landing. It meant that we would be severely curtailed by how much time we had at Flamborough to look around and walk along the cliff top. I was amazed though to find when we arrived there, that most of the facilities, such as a cafe, were actually not open, the only place that was open for visitors to use, was a sort of pub, which did not serve meals, only drinks and snacks. Thankfully there were some public toilets available, and after use we set off to walk along the top of the cliffs.

We headed to the left by the car park first of all, but as that walk turned into a very steep walk down lot’s of steps, we turned around and went in the other direction.


This walk to the right still had a few steps and climbs but they were short one’s and easily navigable in both directions. K struggled though as she always tends to do on any surface that isn’t flat. We followed the path along the top, and were  rewarded with some stunning views. I took lot’s of pictures of the cliffs below where the puffins were nesting, but I am not sure if you can pick them out.


We returned to the pub and had a drink of tea and a packet of crisps to push us on until we could find a restaurant to have lunch in. Luckily we hadn’t long to wait for the next bus (they only run every hour, sigh) and so we returned to Sowerby Hall and gardens. We made our way through the small zoo towards the land train so that we could make our way to the restaurant where we had dined before.


Unfortunately we were too late to dine in the Hotel restaurant, they stopped serving dinners at two o’clock, so we had to go down to their other restaurant, where we both had Haddock and chips, then we caught the land train back to Leisureworld followed by catching the bus back to the Holiday park. Rain was forecast for the day after, so we decided that K would be going swimming again, and we would try to find the whinnying horse that we could keep hearing from our mobile home.



  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful if exhausting time. I expect you could do with a rest after your holiday!!!!

  2. Thank you. I do love taking photos of beauty spots.

  3. Hi Technogran, I just spend some time reading previous posts and catching up on your travels and enjoyed both the descriptions and especially the photos. I know you have had a tiring time, but hopefully there have been more good times than not for you and K.

  4. I've just been catching up on your holiday and I am so pleased it went well..... if a trifle tiring. You are a courageous lady to do this whilst having chemo.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. What a glorious view you have captured! I really love the pictures my friend! It was really great to visit, thank you for sharing!

  6. And thank you Joe! Your most welcome

  7. Beautiful views TG great shots it looks like a lovely dry day to for you both.

  8. Thanks Catches the eye, yes it was.


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